How to become the best Street Photographer of the world

You want to start your new career as a Street Photographer? Think big! Don´t be one of a few thousand, become THE Street Photographer! Here are 7 simple steps to become the best Street Photographer of the world:


  1. Buy a camera. Or, better: Don´t buy a camera. If you are taking world-class street photos on a shitty old 2009 smartphone, people will recognize you much sooner as the new Street Photography genius.
  2. Hack Instagram. Add a million followers. Nobody with such a high followership can be a bad photographer, even everybody could see she or he in fact is.
  3. Become invisible. Invent an app that makes you invisible. Now you will be able to take photos of street gangsters, the Top 10 weirdos of your town and even in state prisons. Lensculture, Miami Street Photography Festival and World Photo Awards will be desperately fight to show your work!
  4. Become invincible. If your Invisible app won´t work, it´s better to get used to little fights with gangsters and the Top 10 weirdos of your town.
  5. Don´t ever listen to critique. Critique by other photographers is extremly time-consuming and you wouldn´t be the new Street Photography genius if you had to listen to the opinion of others. Ignoring critique will make you unique and unrivaled.
  6. Buy a gallery. Or a museum. Take the money you´ve earned via Instagram sponsored posts and buy a huge gallery or a museum to showcase your work. People with their own museums must be giants of their profession, this is a proven fact.
  7. Never show your face. With the earnings of your Instagram account and your museum you will be able to buy the best Street Photographers out there to work for you in your name! Now you will begin to show real quality photography and convince the last sceptics.


Is it really that easy? I don´t know. My smartphone is too new for trying it that way…


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Interview mit Sony World Photography

Wenn ihr mehr über unser Street Photography Kollektiv Berlin1020 erfahren möchtet, dann sei euch das vor wenigen Tagen auf dem Blog der Sony World Photography Awards erschienen Interview ans Herz gelegt. Martin U Waltz, Chris Candid, Roland Groebe, Alex Pfeiffer, Sebastian Jacobitz und ich stehen hier Frage und Antwort zu unserer fotografischen Sozialisation, zur Street Photography in Berlin und zur Zukunft unseres Strassenfotografiekollektivs. Hier ist der Link direkt zum Interview. Hier auf unserer Kollektiv-Webseite erfahrt ihr noch mehr über uns und findet noch mehr Straßenfotografie aus Berlin.


Street Photography in Tschechien: Brno

Street Photography Brno

Street Photography in Brno? Brno? Die meisten sprechen es tatsächlich wie den Namen „Bruno“ aus. Brno ist die zweitgrößte Stadt Tschechiens, bekannt für seine Bauhausarchitektur. Das war zumindest das, was ich über diese Stadt im großen Schatten Tschechiens vor unserem Besuch wusste. Ach ja, da gab es noch diesen Film aus den frühen nuller Jahren namens „Sex in Brno“, der im Original aber eher „Langeweile in Brno“ zu übersetzen ist. Und das war auch tatsächlich die Richtung, in der man in anderen Orten Tschechiens, in denen wir zuvor waren,  unsere Reisepläne bewertete: Langweilig und hässlich sollte die Stadt sein. 


5 Gründe, als Street Photographer die Ukraine zu lieben

Ich war letzten Monat in der Ukraine. Leider war die Zeit nicht ausreichend, ich habe in 5 Tagen Kiew und Lviv (Lemberg) gesehen, aber es hat ausgereicht um sagen zu können: Das war nicht mein letzter fotografischer Trip in die Ukraine. Warum ist das so? Hier sind die 5 Hauptgründe, warum ich die Ukraine für einen perfekten Ort für Street Photography halte: 


My top and flop places for street photography in Tokyo

Photography from Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

We traveled through Japan for 3 weeks, the last week I was in Tokyo spending about 5-6 hours a day exploring the Street Photography hot spots of Tokyo. Tokyo and taking pictures here was definitely one of the highlights of my stay in Japan. Tokyo is a paradise for street photography – the residents do not seem to have a problem with being photographed or are too polite to show it. The 6 days in Tokyo took me to many parts of this exciting, bustling super metropolis – some of which I was thrilled with, others rather repelled or bored. My personal Street Photography experiences with Tokyo neighborhoods, ranked by rating: 


The 7 most important Street Photography Events you should join in 2018

Every photographer who is interested in street photography should look into the following events and festivals around the world. Street photography festivals provide the perfect opportunity to get inspired, to look into the new trends of this genre and to meet other street photographers and exchange ideas with them. These are my recommendations for you for the year 2018:


10 reasons why Eric Kim is still the best Street Photography teacher

Last week, me and Martin U Waltz, Sebastian Jacobitz and Chris Candid from Berlin1020 met Eric Kim and his wife, Cindy Nguyen. 2 years have passed since I met Eric the first time. The first time was in London, when I was attending his Street Photography Workshop. Eric´s workshop motivated me to invest much more time and effort in my greatest passion, Street Photography. In London and also last week when we met in Berlin I was fascinated by his way of motivating people and pushing them to their limits. No matter what some haters may say, to me Eric Kim is still the best living Street Photography teacher. Here are the 22 reasons why you should learn from Eric: