The best free Street Photography Presets for Lightroom in 2024

Street Photography captures unscripted moments of life as they unfold in public places, telling stories that are often left unnoticed. Adobe Lightroom has become an indispensable tool for street photographers, offering powerful editing capabilities to bring these stories to life. One of Lightroom’s most significant advantages is the use of presets – customizable filters that instantly adjust multiple settings to achieve a desired look.

For those passionate about street photography, finding the right preset can be a game-changer. In 2024, there are several outstanding free Lightroom presets specifically tailored for street photography. This article explores the best of these, helping photographers enhance their urban tales with just a click.


1. Urban Cool by

Urban Cool is designed to give street photos a crisp, vibrant look while maintaining natural skin tones. It’s perfect for adding a touch of drama to urban landscapes without over-saturating colors. The shadows are slightly lifted to reveal details, making it ideal for low-light scenes or capturing the hustle and bustle of city life.


2. Vintage Vixen from

For those who love a retro vibe, Vintage Vixen offers a timeless aesthetic by applying a warm tone and muted colors, reminiscent of analog photography. This preset works wonders on outdoor scenes, adding a nostalgic charm to modern-day street photography. It’s excellent for photographers looking to evoke a sense of the past in their images.


3. B&W Streets by

Black and white photography has a long-standing history with street photography, emphasizing textures, patterns, and expressions over colors. B&W Streets delivers a high-contrast, gritty feel that’s perfect for highlighting the raw emotion and candid moments often captured in street photography. It’s particularly effective for adding character and depth to urban scenes.


4. Cityscape Silhouette from

Capturing the essence of city life sometimes requires focusing on silhouettes against bustling backgrounds. The Cityscape Silhouette preset enhances the outlines of subjects, offering clarity and focus while subtly processing the background to ensure the main subject stands out. Its versatility makes it suitable for both day and night photography.


5. Golden Hour Glow by

The golden hour brings a magical quality to street photography, with its warm, soft light. Golden Hour Glow accentuates this lighting effect, enhancing the warm tones and softening the overall image for a dreamy, ethereal look. It’s particularly effective for early morning or late afternoon shots when the sun casts its golden hues on the urban landscape.


6. Moody Street by

Ideal for creating a mysterious or edgy vibe, Moody Street emphasizes dark tones and enhances shadows, providing a cinematic quality to street photographs. It works exceptionally well for conveying emotion or depicting the grittier sides of urban life, making it a favorite among street photographers aiming for a more profound narrative.


7. HDR Pop from

High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography captures a wider range of light and dark areas, creating images with stunning detail. The HDR Pop preset simulates this effect, bringing out the textures and details in street scenes without the need for multiple exposures. This preset is perfect for adding drama and intensity to street photographs, making them pop.


8. Cool Contrast by

Cool Contrast is designed to give your street photography a sleek and modern look by adding a cool blue tint and enhancing contrast. This preset is particularly effective for urban landscapes and architectural elements, giving them a sharp, crisp appearance.


9. Neon Nights by

Neon Nights is specially crafted for night-time street photography, emphasizing the vibrant colors of city lights. It boosts saturation selectively and enhances the luminance of neon signs and streetlights, making it perfect for capturing the electric atmosphere of city nights without losing detail or introducing noise.


10. Rustic Charm from

Rustic Charm adds warmth and a slightly desaturated look to your photos, ideal for street scenes in older or historic neighborhoods. It enhances the texture and character of rustic environments, making it perfect for photographers looking to capture the timeless aspects of urban landscapes.


11. Sombre Daybreak by

Capturing the quiet and subdued moments of early morning can be challenging. Sombre Daybreak helps in achieving this by applying a cool, muted tone, reducing shadows, and slightly lifting the blacks. This preset is ideal for conveying the calm and serene atmosphere of city streets at dawn.


12. Grit & Grain from

For those who appreciate a more analog feel, Grit & Grain introduces a subtle grain and increases contrast to mimic the look of high ISO film photography. This preset is fantastic for adding a touch of nostalgia and authenticity to modern street scenes, reminiscent of classic documentary photography.


13. Street Fashion Flair by

Street fashion photography is a vibrant sub-genre of street photography. Street Fashion Flair enhances the color and texture of clothing, making subjects stand out against the urban backdrop. It’s great for photographers focusing on the intersection of culture, fashion, and street life.


14. Urban Desaturation by

Urban Desaturation reduces the overall color saturation, focusing attention on shapes, lines, and architectural elements of urban scenes. It allows for a minimalist aesthetic, emphasizing composition and form over color, perfect for modern and abstract street photography.


15. Dynamic Range Enhancer from

Increasing the dynamic range of your street photos ensures that details in both shadows and highlights are preserved. Dynamic Range Enhancer fine-tunes these elements, enhancing the overall clarity and depth of street photos, especially useful in high-contrast lighting situations.


16. Classic Chrome by

Inspired by the classic film look, Classic Chrome applies a subtle, muted color palette and softens tones. This preset is excellent for creating timeless images with a film-like quality, ideal for storytelling through street photography.


17. Pop Art Preset from

For those looking to inject a bold and colorful aesthetic into their street photography, the Pop Art Preset amplifies colors, making them vibrant and punchy. This preset is perfect for highlighting the colorful and dynamic nature of urban environments, drawing inspiration from pop art culture.


How to Make the Most Out of These Presets

While presets offer a quick and effective way to edit photos, the best results come from further customization. Start with a preset that closely matches the look you’re aiming for, then adjust exposure, contrast, or saturation as needed to fit your specific image. Remember, no two street photographs are the same, and what works for one image might not work for another. Experimentation is key.


Lightroom Presets are getting better and better

This collection of free Lightroom presets for street photography in 2024 provides an extensive toolkit for photographers looking to streamline their post-processing workflow while achieving professional-grade results. With presets tailored for various styles, moods, and lighting conditions, there’s something for every street photographer. By leveraging these presets, photographers can focus more on capturing the fleeting moments of urban life, knowing they have the tools to bring out the best in their images during editing.

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