If you are thinking of quitting Street Photography

Street photography can be an incredibly challenging and rewarding genre of photography, but even the most passionate street photographers can find themselves in a slump from time to time. Whether it’s a lack of inspiration, or just feeling a bit burnt out, there are various reasons why photographers may feel like giving up on their love for street photography. If you’re one of these people struggling to find the motivation to pick up your camera again, then I hope this article can help to give you some inspiration and reignite your passion for the art of street photography.


1. Try a New Location:

One of the downsides of shooting street photography in the same place repeatedly is that it can become too familiar and uninspiring. It’s crucial to experiment with new locations that offer a fresh perspective to keep your creative juices flowing. Lockdown has made taking a walk around the block regularly a common practice. This might be a good chance to find new spots near your vicinity.


2. Capture Different Times of the Day:

Have you considered how the mood changes at dawn, daylight, dusk, or night-time? Try taking your shots at different times of the day to capture the variations throughout the day. Shooting during golden hour, where the sun is at its lowest, creates a soft warm light that can produce incredible shots with added energy.


3. Experiment with New Gear:

In street photography, your camera is your best friend, and sometimes you need to get back in love with your gear to rekindle that creative spark. Try changing the lens you use frequently or utilizing a different camera, i.e. renting, or borrowing it. This can infuse creativity into your work as seeing the world through a different lens is always exciting.


4. Practice with a Friend:

If you have friends who are also interested in street photography, consider making a plan to shoot together. Having someone else to bounce ideas with can be incredibly motivational, and you may learn a few new techniques from each other. Not only will you have the chance to connect with someone else creatively, but their enthusiasm and feedback can keep the spark alive.


5. Set Yourself a Challenge:

Put your creativity to the test by setting yourself a challenge. Try to focus on a particular theme throughout the day or even for a week. It could be shooting black and white, capturing human gestures or focusing on small details to express narratives. Challenging yourself will bring out the best in your creativity and help you to see things from a different perspective.


In summary, street photography can be an incredibly fulfilling genre of photography, and it’s essential to maintain our passion for it to express our creativity fully. Trying new locations, times of the day, gear, shooting with friends, and setting yourself challenges will help to prevent a slump and keep you motivated. Life is too short to put aside your passions, so try to reignite your love for street photography with these five approaches. Good luck, and have fun!

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