Shadowhunting: Tokyo – Prints

The exhibition of Berlin1020 – the Berlin Street Photography collective in Fotogalerie Friedrichshain has ended yesterday. It was a great last day with a Street Photography walk through Friedrichshain and a talk with Martin U Waltz, Roland Groebe and me about our work and Street Photography in Berlin and in Germany in general. If you were not there: you definitely missed something! Long story short:  There are some prints of my Shadowhunting: Tokyo series left. If you are interested, just contact me.


My top and flop places for street photography in Tokyo

Photography from Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

We traveled through Japan for 3 weeks, the last week I was in Tokyo spending about 5-6 hours a day exploring the Street Photography hot spots of Tokyo. Tokyo and taking pictures here was definitely one of the highlights of my stay in Japan. Tokyo is a paradise for street photography – the residents do not seem to have a problem with being photographed or are too polite to show it. The 6 days in Tokyo took me to many parts of this exciting, bustling super metropolis – some of which I was thrilled with, others rather repelled or bored. My personal Street Photography experiences with Tokyo neighborhoods, ranked by rating: 


The 7 most important Street Photography Events you should join in 2018

Every photographer who is interested in street photography should look into the following events and festivals around the world. Street photography festivals provide the perfect opportunity to get inspired, to look into the new trends of this genre and to meet other street photographers and exchange ideas with them. These are my recommendations for you for the year 2018:


Ostkreuz Station in Berlin – such a great place for Street Photography

Ostkreuz station in Berlin Friedrichshain is one of my favorite places in Berlin when it comes to lovely compositions made from shadows and light in an urban environment. Opened 3 years ago, it is one of the newest and biggest train stations in Berlin. With 200,000 people using this station on their way to work, home or party you will never wait too long for interesting characters passing by.


Your guide to Shut up – why you should talk less about Street Photography

Remember this last article of that guy about the Do´s and Don´t´s in Street Photography? Or this read in the blog of that photographer telling how to get famous ans rich with Street Photography? 
Oh yeah, do you mean the one from yesterday, last week or the week before?

C´mon guys, it is getting repetititive. Please stop talking about Street Photography and let your images speak. 10 reasons why you should shut up now when it comes to Street Photography:


The most amazing 12 Blogs for you to boost your Street Photography to the next level

Street photography has long been regarded as a niche, therefore not getting the attention it truly deserves. Although the genre is slowly and steadily growing, high quality blogs are still a diminishingly small minority. If you are into street photography, you should definitely check out the following list: A collection of 12 blogs absolutely worth reading: 

The 7 most important Street Photography events for you to join in 2017

street photography 2017


Street Photography captures history at the very moment it happens. Candid, poignant and real. No heroic epic will ever feature a plumber, a newspaper boy or the homeless; pictures of Street Photographers often do. When the damp exhalation of a laundromat casts daily life with a soft-focus, the Street Photographer will see a plenitude of motives, that many others hastily pass by. To recognize these moments and to see what others cannot, that is the skill and the art of a Street Photographer.

Street Photography Events and Festivals exist to cherish this very special form of art. They provide the Artists with an environment to come together, work together, compete and hone their craft. Here are the hand-picked most important Street Photography events in 2017.


The psychology of Street Photography: How to not be a creep

When it comes to taking images of strangers on the streets, many aspiring Street Photographers tend to be afraid of approaching people. This was also a huge problem for me and it still is, because one of the biggest fears of humans is being rejected by other people. It´s like asking a girl you like to go out with you. What if she says no? Well, but what happens if you don´t ever ask her?

Same when it comes to Street Photography. Why are you afraid of asking interesting strangers to make a portrait of them? If they say no – why do you care? You will very likely not see this person again. And if you see him or her again, maybe they changed your mind?