10 reasons why Eric Kim is still the best Street Photography teacher

Last week, me and Martin U Waltz, Sebastian Jacobitz and Chris Candid from Berlin1020 met Eric Kim and his wife, Cindy Nguyen. 2 years have passed since I met Eric the first time. The first time was in London, when I was attending his Street Photography Workshop. Eric´s workshop motivated me to invest much more time and effort in my greatest passion, Street Photography. In London and also last week when we met in Berlin I was fascinated by his way of motivating people and pushing them to their limits. No matter what some haters may say, to me Eric Kim is still the best living Street Photography teacher. Here are the 22 reasons why you should learn from Eric:


Ostkreuz Station in Berlin – such a great place for Street Photography

Ostkreuz station in Berlin Friedrichshain is one of my favorite places in Berlin when it comes to lovely compositions made from shadows and light in an urban environment. Opened 3 years ago, it is one of the newest and biggest train stations in Berlin. With 200,000 people using this station on their way to work, home or party you will never wait too long for interesting characters passing by.


The most amazing 12 Blogs for you to boost your Street Photography to the next level

Street photography has long been regarded as a niche, therefore not getting the attention it truly deserves. Although the genre is slowly and steadily growing, high quality blogs are still a diminishingly small minority. If you are into street photography, you should definitely check out the following list: A collection of 12 blogs absolutely worth reading: 

The psychology of Street Photography: How to not be a creep

When it comes to taking images of strangers on the streets, many aspiring Street Photographers tend to be afraid of approaching people. This was also a huge problem for me and it still is, because one of the biggest fears of humans is being rejected by other people. It´s like asking a girl you like to go out with you. What if she says no? Well, but what happens if you don´t ever ask her?

Same when it comes to Street Photography. Why are you afraid of asking interesting strangers to make a portrait of them? If they say no – why do you care? You will very likely not see this person again. And if you see him or her again, maybe they changed your mind?


„Why did you take my picture?“ – this is how Street Photographers should answer


As a Street Photographer and in particular if you are in candid Street Photography, you have always to be wary of being discovered and the most common question you will here if you are taking someone´s photo unasked will be: „Why did you take my picture?“ This can be an angry or a curious and interested question, but can lead to some trouble if you answer in a snootily way like: „I am a famous Street Photographer!“ 
I want to provide you some smarter ways of answering this often heard question.