Your guide to Shut up – why you should talk less about Street Photography

Remember this last article of that guy about the Do´s and Don´t´s in Street Photography? Or this read in the blog of that photographer telling how to get famous ans rich with Street Photography? 
Oh yeah, do you mean the one from yesterday, last week or the week before?

C´mon guys, it is getting repetititive. Please stop talking about Street Photography and let your images speak. 10 reasons why you should shut up now when it comes to Street Photography:


Trauma? Which trauma?

You don´t add anything to a photo series of people´s reflections in puddles if you say that it is about your childhood´s trauma of not being allowed to get a fish tank. If your pictures don´t speak for themselves, you need to rethink them.


Save your life

Not talking could save your life when you take your supposedly shot of the day and don´t start to rejoice „Oh, wow, with that pic of that tattooed chav vomitting on his pants I´ll definitely get a highlighted entry on Lensculture!“


No chatting without beer, please

You miss a lot of good shots if you stop chatting with your Photography tour mate and start opening your eyes and senses for the things you are surrounded by. Be mindful. Street Photography is a kind of meditation, that´s one of the resons it makes us happy. Just listen to the sound of the city all around you and all the good photography possibilities simply waiting for you.

Talk afterwards, with a cold beer looking at all the marvellous shots you made.


You are not everybody

There is not „the one best camera for Street Photography“ or „the protip to become an awesome photographer in one week“. Everybody has its own approach to Street Photography. So your way of getting stuff done is not necessarily everyone´s  cup of tea.


Be kind to old ladies

If someone wants to get your photo of them deleted it is better to not talk and just delete it. Far better than to insult them or insist on calling the police because you feel threatened by this old lady pointing her walking cane on you.


Become a master of plagiarism

If you faked or staged a few  your photos, don´t be like Souvid Datta and talk about it!

Just shut up and enjoy your ride on the avenue of fame.


Forget Bach&Beethoven

Do you remember the sound of your shutter button? Never listening to your shutter is refusing to hear one of the most beautiful sounds on earth.


Enjoy a happy relationship

Your wife (husband) is bored of you taking all the time of new cameras and old photographers you admire. Shut up and enjoy the romantic evening with your partner! At least every second wedding anniversary day.


Become an introvert genius legend

You will be seen as a mysterious, introvert genius if you stop talking about your photography – don´t tell them you made all your award winning shots out of good luck or with the help of your extended family.


Break the rules

After all: Don´t believe guys who think they know it all better. Talk or do not talk. It´s completely irrelevant as long you take  photos you love. Have an awesome summer guys!



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