Tips for Street Photography on a Cloudy Day

Street photography captures life on the streets, as it happens. It can be challenging to capture the right mood, lighting, and composition to make your images stand out on a sunny day, let alone on a cloudy one. However, cloudy days offer a unique opportunity, as the lighting softens, the shadows flatten, and the colors get more subdued. In this post, we’ll give you some tips and tricks to help you take your street photography to the next level, even on a cloudy day.


1. Explore the gloom
You might think that a cloudy day would kill your photos, but it provides you with a unique opportunity to capture fleeting, melancholic feelings. Experiment with the mood of the city on such a gloomy day, experiment with the landscapes, and allow serendipity to guide you.

2. Forget the Rules
When it comes to street photography, there is no golden rule that works for everyone. It would help if you experimented with what works best for you. Try to adapt and blend in with your environment to capture candid moments. Using the rule of thirds or composition techniques may not always be the best way to move forward, so don’t be afraid to break the rules.

3. Incorporate Colors
When the sun isn’t shining, the colors usually become more subtle. Incorporate the color of the city or the people into your work. Different light and weather conditions can produce different and stunning images. It is essential to work with color in your style. Doing this means you must learn the science behind color and its meanings, the aesthetic appeal of different colors, and the culture’s meanings behind them.

4. Experiment with Light
Cloudy days mean a lack of direct light sources, which can make it challenging to create depth and contrast in your photographs. However, don’t allow the lack of sunlight to stifle your creativity. Experiment using artificial light sources, like electric bulbs or neon lights, to create unique and eye-catching photos.

5. Adjust your Camera Settings
Using the right camera and lens is crucial, but so is your camera setting. Cloudy days require different camera settings than a bright and sunny day. You want to avoid overexposure and underexposure. Depending on your weather conditions’ specific lighting, you need a need a fast aperture lens which can help you get faster shots.


In street photography, a cloudy day doesn’t have to be a dampener on capturing moments and memories. With the right approach and mindset, you can create unique photos that stand out from the usual crowd. Experiment, try new things, and always strive to be creative. Remember, photography is an art, and you are the artist. So, go out there, be genuine, and capture the magic on a cloudy day. Happy clicking!

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