Street Photography with an umbrella

Street Photography with an umbrella? Am I talking about the dumb fake silhouette with umbrella trend seen anywhere on social media for years now? No, I am talking about Street Photography in the rain. To go out with your camera when it’s rainy takes some effort, but it’s worth it! It’s always a good thing if you move out of your comfort zone for a few hours – especially when you are one of the “sunny weather” Street Photographers I have been – and still am – for years. If you are doing Street Photography in the rain, you just need to focus on the “rainy” stuff like wet streets, umbrellas, running people jumping over puddles memorizing Henri Cartier Bresson or the beautiful, gloomy light after a summer rain.

Another good reason for Street Photography in the rain is that everybody is so keen to get home quickly that nobody will care if you are taking photos. It’s really fun, try it out! And please – protect your camera. Very few of the modern cameras are really waterproof.

Here are some examples of rainy Street Photography I´ve done this year in Germany and Italy:





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