Ostkreuz Station in Berlin – such a great place for Street Photography

Ostkreuz station in Berlin Friedrichshain is one of my favorite places in Berlin when it comes to lovely compositions made from shadows and light in an urban environment. Opened 3 years ago, it is one of the newest and biggest train stations in Berlin. With 200,000 people using this station on their way to work, home or party you will never wait too long for interesting characters passing by.

You will find huge windows to arrange nice compositions with waiting passengers. There are also a few spots to make breathtaking photos with reflections. The best daytime to make lovely photos with nice contrasts is 5-7 am in summer and 3-4 am in autumn and spring and 2-3 am in winter.

So dont forget to check out check out Ostkreuz station when you´re in Berlin! Did you know you can book me for a tour to Ostkreuz station or to other fascinating Street Photography places in Berlin? Just hit me a short message.


Running passengers at Ostkreuz station.



berlin ostkreuz
Nice reflections at Ostkreuz station.

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