„I don´t have enough time for photography“ – why this statement simply isn´t true

You would love to invest more time for your greatest passion in life, photography – but your camera gets dustier day by day? Stop! I can prove that you´re wrong if  you really love photography – here´s why:

1. The year 2016 is the best time by now for carrying a camera – without mentioning it

OK, so you think you haven´t got enough time for photo walks in your town and photo sessions in general? But you do go out of your house, do you? So do always have your camera with you. You don´t need a DSLR, a small fixed lens camera or even a good Smartphone is enough. Always put it on your pocket – and try to make at least one photo every time you are out of your house.

Yes, also in your garden! Yes, also on your way to work.


2. How long does it take to make a photo?

Exactly. Just shoot and go. Don´t chimp. Instead of getting sleepy while watching stuff on Youtube or surfing on Facebook in the evening postprocess your best 3 photos of the day. If you use Lightroom presets you´re done in less than 20 minutes.

Put these photos in a folder. Choose the best 3 photos of the week on the weekend and upload them to the websites of your choice. This will lead to better quality of your work and less invested time.


3. Well…which camera should be my next one?

We are wasting so much time thinking about buying new gear. How often did you think „Oh, I wish I had made this photo with another camera“? We tend to think that we will regret it having made a photo with a smartphone or a small compact camera, but it comes out that in reality it rarely happens.

So why don´t you tell your spouse or a good friend to choose a camera for you? Outsource the gear decision to people who know your photographic needs.


4. A night´s sleep doesn´t have to last 8 hours

If you are really really busy right now – just cut off half an hour of your nighttime: Get up 30 minutes earlier!

Doing so you will have better light than in the daytime and a positive start into the day.


5. Don´t think about time when it comes to your biggest passion

Imagine you are at the end of your life. Do you think you will finally regret having spent too much time doing photography? You definitely won´t think „Oh, I should have checked Facebook not only two times, but more times a day“.

Bronnie Ware´s book „Regrets of the dying“ shows that humans normally tend to regret what the have not done, not what they have done. Every day without having made a photo is a lost day…


So what are you waiting for? Dedust your camera and put it in your pocket. The next good photo is just a moment away…


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