How to become the best Street Photographer of the world

You want to start your new career as a Street Photographer? Think big! Don´t be one of a few thousand, become THE Street Photographer! Here are 7 simple steps to become the best Street Photographer of the world:


  1. Buy a camera. Or, better: Don´t buy a camera. If you are taking world-class street photos on a shitty old 2009 smartphone, people will recognize you much sooner as the new Street Photography genius.
  2. Hack Instagram. Add a million followers. Nobody with such a high followership can be a bad photographer, even everybody could see she or he in fact is.
  3. Become invisible. Invent an app that makes you invisible. Now you will be able to take photos of street gangsters, the Top 10 weirdos of your town and even in state prisons. Lensculture, Miami Street Photography Festival and World Photo Awards will be desperately fight to show your work!
  4. Become invincible. If your Invisible app won´t work, it´s better to get used to little fights with gangsters and the Top 10 weirdos of your town.
  5. Don´t ever listen to critique. Critique by other photographers is extremly time-consuming and you wouldn´t be the new Street Photography genius if you had to listen to the opinion of others. Ignoring critique will make you unique and unrivaled.
  6. Buy a gallery. Or a museum. Take the money you´ve earned via Instagram sponsored posts and buy a huge gallery or a museum to showcase your work. People with their own museums must be giants of their profession, this is a proven fact.
  7. Never show your face. With the earnings of your Instagram account and your museum you will be able to buy the best Street Photographers out there to work for you in your name! Now you will begin to show real quality photography and convince the last sceptics.


Is it really that easy? I don´t know. My smartphone is too new for trying it that way…


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