22 Street Photographey accounts on Instagram you need to follow

Street photography is an ancient form of art that dates back to the 1800s in France. The first street photo was taken from a studio window, with the second one featuring an unpopulated city in France. Street photography has evolved over time, thereby adopting various artists and trends such as posting such photos over social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Below we are going to have a list of some of the big names on Instagram that have taken this type of photography up the notch and are famous or are close to being famous Street Photographers. Further, we will also have a look at each account and what makes the account special.


Paola M. Franqui @monaris

The first one is @monaris, who has more than two thousand followers on Instagram and 2971 posts at the time of writing. The Puerto Rican is a renowned photographer who is skilled at mirroring her images through paddles, mirrors, and even glasses. Consequently, this allows her pieces to convey various dimensions and adding a ghosting effect to her pieces.
With her photos, Monaris has displayed a great understanding of how to set and capture and manipulate the best light presets within various streets.

Ultimately, Monaris can be described as a photographer who not only engages her audience but also as an artist who has an imaginative taste for street photography.


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a new york state of mind.

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Joshua K. Jackson @joshjack

Next in the list is a street photographer in the UK, commonly known as joshjack. Just like monaris, Jackson is often attracted to either mirror or glass shots. However, his works are quite distinct from monaris since he is obsessed with chronological patterns and trends. To illustrate this, a look at his photos will tend to have a stripe of diagonal lines or either a wavy pattern. As a result, this not only strengthens his pieces but also enforces order in a somewhat chaotic world. In addition, to this, a well define pattern increases the focus of an audience on the piece. For instance, patterns in photos manipulate our comprehension of a picture since the eyes tend to dance from design to design with unadulterated glee.

In conclusion, Joshjack is an Instagram street photographer who knows how to capture various colorful street photos that tell stories about its characters.

Anton Kawasaki / @anton_in_nyc

Another name in the list is Anton, commonly referred to as Anton Kawasaki. Kawaski is a New York-based street photographer who’s managed to capture some of the random events in the streets of New York. Most of his works are often focused on two characters, either couples, random dialogs between the police and citizens or even some of New York’s craziest personalities.

Further, most of his works are a brilliance of professionalism since most of his shots are relayed from various angles with a small touch of edits. In general, Anton is an outstanding photographer whose works best describe New Yorks congested streets and subways.


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“It’s Going to Be All Right.” (And yes, this is a visual sequel to my “First Kiss” photo from years back) 😝

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Marina Sersale / @eauditalie

Another talent in this list is the infamous Marina Sersale, a French street photographer whose works are often relayed in black and white. The black and white feature, in turn, makes her posts more detailed by adding shadows to her works. Marina’s works are good at conquering different streets, closed spaces, and even beaches. Also, her black and white style is one of the best means of relaying random individuals to the public while still preserving their privacy.

Lastly, Marina’s works are often random as she captures what she stumbles into in her routine. Join her over at Instagram and get a glimpse at her plastic description of the streets of France.


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Untitled – Phaplu, Nepal ~ A few days ago I returned from a trip to Phaplu in Eastern Nepal where I went to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday. Before leaving Italy I didn’t take much time to think about this trip or what I expected from it, but it turned out to be one of the nicest I’ve ever experienced and in total honesty I can say it has been one of the happiest times in my life. So much so, that I’m taking over the Instagram feed of @beyulex (Beyul Experiences) run by my friend @angsterr (Ang Tshering Lama) who hosted us in his Happy House in Phaplu and organised our trekking up to the Buddist monasteries of Chiwong and Tupten Choling. I don’t often do takeovers unless it’s for a reason close to my heart: in this case it’s because I want to thank Ang and his incredible crew for the unbelievably joyful and happy time they gave us during that unforgettable week, so please follow me on @beyulex where I will be sharing some of my b/w and colour photographs from Nepal. 🙏

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Cocu Liu / @cocu_liu

Cocu Liu is a talented and creative artist with a unique concept of street photography. Using just his phone, Liu has managed to capture the beautiful landscape of his hometown San Francisco. In addition, most of his shots have a unique sense of scale- a feature that is rare to most photographers on Instagram. As a result, these features make him the ultimately evolved street photographer who can make the best of his trusted phone.

Ultimately the above artist makes one of the best gaffers to have conquered street photography with the use of a trusted phone. This proves the fact that no one needs flashy cameras to adventure into the art.


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chasing harsh light #sanfrancisco

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Mike Kepka @kepka.

Next in the list is the famous Mike Kepka, formally known as cityexposed. Kepka is a professional street photographer blazing with talent who produces images that often leave his audience curious about urban life.

Notably, some of his pieces are monumental and can either be a sculpture, or even famous buildings. However, most of his pieces are either plain random pictures or characterized random shots he comes across in the streets. Currently, Mike is the co-founder of a video-based company in DC, New York, and San Francisco. Mike is a 4x Emmy Award winner; this only adds to his belt as a parent anchor and the chronicle photojournalist. Lastly, you can visit his website to have an insight into his career and how he does it.


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Penn Station #nyc

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Matthew Wylie / @m_mateos

Up for discussion is the infamous Matthew Wylie, an artist packed with bold and edgy shots that define a creative mind. From his work, one can note notice but his twists and various imaginations that occur from his shots. His creative mind is what makes his works so exciting. Notably, each shot he takes often has multiple narratives that will not only engage your mind but will also leave you in suspense.

Also, Mathew is an esteemed editor who can manipulate both light and contrast to bring out the various moods he wants in a photo. In other words, Matthew is the true definition of an imaginative street artist whose works will leave you agape and questioning reality.

Jomayra Texeira / @visualmemories

Jomayra Texeira is a Puerto Ricoas civilian who has been living in the US since he was 12. Ironically, most of his work is not only passionate but are also loud. Fairly consistent, the artist takes snaps interesting snaps that will capture the emotions of pedestrians cruising a rainy street. Further, Jomayra is the guy to follow when looking for an artist who is skilled at working with mysterious and dark atmospheres. Also, Jomayra has a beautiful sense of street photography and can capture the mood of any street with only one shot. In essence, Jomayra is one of the best street photographers who has a fairly consistent theme.


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All I feel is darkness.

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Anthony Danielle / @takinyerphoto

Danielle is a well-balanced street photographer whose work is based on the streets while showing the world the stunning beauty of mother nature. Besides his talent, Antony has a ten-year experience of his professional belt, having started his career in 2010. The New York-based photographer has a keen eye that can spot a stunning shot even from a distance. The hardworking photographer is the ideal street artist who can capture the joy in the streets of New York and relaying it on a photo.

Also, worth mentioning, Anthony is obsessed with bright colors, as seen in most of his collection. Currently, the artist is also a founder of the Mobile Media Lab, a group that pairs photographers like him with other brands.


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(f)underground 🎈

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Linda Wisdom / @lindawisdomphotography

Linda is a professional photographer working as a personal photographer running a personal workshop. As a result, this enables her to work with various models. On the streets, however, Linda is a creative UK based artist looking to get the best shot of flashy streets and even graffiti paintings in various streets. In her collection, Linda has also shared compassion and love that is blossoming between two species either between couples or between pets and their owners.

Though underrated, Linda’s work has an incredible taste of colors that marvel in everyday life. Further, her dynamic taste and edits on photography have transformed street photography into a spectacular view that is exciting to the eye.

Luis Cárdenas/ @luuuuuuuiiiiiis

Like the adventurer he is, Louis is famous for traveling and taking random street shots in countries like Ethiopia, Cuba, Rome, and any country he explores. As a result, he has shown other artists that street photography can be an international quest rather than a local quest. Notably, most of his collection often combine both the elements of nature, while relaying the sensation the environment has on people. For instance, most of his shots will always feature a character, either a person or an animal, while still have a plant. As a result, he shows how both plants and animals rely on each other. Luis’ work is not only entertaining but is also on the eyes due to the various colors and texture that each photograph has.

Jorge Lens/ @jorgelens

Jorge is a Spaniard street photographer working as a teacher. The modern photographer is the ideal photographer for characters interested in the urban landscape. Most of his work has amazed his audience, thus branding him as a top-notch photographer full of both excellence and talent. Aside from excellence, the artist also displays professionalism from his clean and careful compositions that are consistent throughout his account.

In other words, Jorge is a dynamic travel photographer who’s managed to conquer different streets with his lenses. However, most of his works have relayed the message, “all cities are different, but all share a mutual spectacle.”


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Bares, qué lugares! Chinchín!

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Jorge Lens (@jorgelens) am

Joel Meyerowitz/ @joel_meyerowitz

Joel is a big name due to his curious mindset that seeks to capture the best moments in the streets. Besides curiosity, the artist has some of the best edits that are keen to explore the impact of technology in photography. From his profile, one can also conclude that the photographer is magnum in the industry due to his world-class shots that define the essence of street photography. As a result, this makes it easy to lose oneself while scrolling through his feed.

In other words, Joel’s page can be defined as a full package for any follower since his portfolio is loaded with various colors, textures, and animals.


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New York City, 1971.

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Joel Meyerowitz (@joel_meyerowitz) am

Other honorable mentions include

  • Mikk Olli/ @ drawntostreets: Olli is a designer-artist obsessed with the manipulation of both lights and shadows. Ultimately, most of his works are focused on capturing movements within a city while giving a visual punch to his audience.
  • Girma Berta/ @gboxcreative: Berta is a mood guided artist whose best works bring out the mood in the streets. In addition to mood manipulation, Berta is also good at manipulating colors through various themes like dark and bright scenes.
  • Bambi No Muere/ @bambinomuere: Bambi is an evolving street photographer artist in Madrid who focuses on the candy nature of streets. Unlike others, Bambi implements a unique look of Madrid full of visual consistency. Based on her profile, Bambi is the artist to follow if you want to have a look at how light can transform a city.
  • Frederik Trovatten/ @trovatten: Frederik is a professional street photographer in Mexico with a personal website. Most of his work are close-ups of edited portraits relayed in black and white.
  • Dave Krugman/ @krugman: Dave is a New York-based artist who is quite good at editing and shadow and texture manipulation. In addition, Dave is an award-winning artist who has graduated to international levels.
  • Street photographer 13thwitness: The is a live-action photographer who captures the action moments of characters in the streets. Most of his works are commercial featuring commercial buildings, streets, portraits, and parties. Ideally, 13thwitness is the photographer to follow if you are looking for wild artists.
  • Sam Horine/ @ samhorine: Sam is the ideal candid street photographer in New York. The travel enthusiast is mostly based in New York with a few overseas pictures. Notably, most of his works are focused on gatherings, buildings, landmarks, and even nature.
  • Craig Whitehead @ sixstreetunder: Winding up the list is Craig, a talented artist who brings both humor and colors of the streets. Ultimately Craig Whitehead is the street photographer to follow if you are into an urban landscape. However, his slow at updating his wall, unlike most photographers on this list.


The Bottom Line.

As seen above, the following photographers will set bars and conquer street photography in the upcoming decade. In addition to this, their lenses will often capture the moments in the streets that would otherwise be forgotten. Last but not least, street photography will continue to evolve due to the rapid advancements in technology.


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