What I would do if I had invested 100 Euro in Bitcoins 11 years ago

Bitcoins! They are everywhere. Some say they are the future of payment and the best investment you can make because in 1 or 2 years they will hit 200.000 Dollars (from 40 k now). Some say it’s a scam and a good alternative to throwing your money out of the window. But this is not a finance blog, so I do not want to give you some investment tips. Bitcoin is a crazy thing, about 7 or 8 years ago you could buy coffee in Berlin with Bitcoins. One coffee was about 5 Bitcoins these days, I hope the shop owners kept their Bitcoin wallet until today. 10 or 11 years ago, one Bitcoin was worth 0,8 Cent! So you could have bought 13000 Bitcoins with 100 Euro. Today these Bitcoins would be worth 500 Million Euro! Half a Billion. This is insane, isn’t it? For the price of a fancy dinner for two you could buy the most expensive villa in the world today:

What would you do with all that money? Charity, of course. But you would also never need to work for money again! You could spend all your life just investing time in your loved ones and photography! This is what I thought – if I´d be rich one day, I would spend all my time just doing Street Photography. By the way, this is what I am doing right now. Teaching workshops, selling photography prints and just enjoying what I love: photography.

The thing is: You do not need as much money like you think you need and if you are good in the thing you are doing, you can make money with virtually everything. So why not photography? Begin with a part-time business, do not quit your job. Set up a website, invest in your Social media profile and get in contact with people. In one or two years, you will see if it is paying off and you can go in part-time and maybe, after another year, you are a full-time photographer!

Without the need to hassle about money you did not spend into the “right investment” – just do your thing! I wish you all the success and luck in the world!

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