Bangladesh: The Good and the Evil

Bangladesh, why should anybody in the world visit Bangladesh? It is on oof the most interesting countries for Street Photography, it is a country packed with people, culture and energy. Dhaka is a great place for Street Photography, with modern parts and the old town as a crazy lively place you probably won’t see in another part of the world. I met great street photographers like Muhammad Imam Hasan, and I met friendly folks on the streets of Dhaka or Sylhet.

But, in Dhaka, I did the worst decision of my life. I woke up with bad belly cramps one day and drover to United Hospital in Dhaka. I was in deep pain, and a radiologist (it turned out he was not even a doctor) put me there into the CT-Scanner, countless times. Afterwards I was really sick, I had black diarrhea, nausea, and a sun-burn like skin on the belly and back. 2 weeks later I lost my hair in this area. I have been irradiated, massively overexposured by this radiologist at United Hospital. Today, my health has deteriorated, I feel weak and have bad problems with my stomach and intestines, getting worse and worse. Bangladeshi people, please stand up for corrupt politicians who rule your country and please stand up for people who can easily kill people who just seek for help in a hospital. These people do not deserve to be in such positions! Keep fighting.



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