Your 2020 Street Photography Workshop Guide to Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia has a lot to offer for Street Photographers.

Get inspired as a Street Photographer in Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, and discover the many fine places this unique place has to offer to avid Street Photographers like you. With traces of tradition everywhere around you, this historically heavily influenced city will definitely provide some wonderful backdrops for scenic Street Photography with people in their everyday urban street environment. Still reflecting its strong national and cultural characteristics as well as idiosyncrasies, you could be inclined to think that the city only now begins to reveal some of its more cosmopolitan elements in an unhurried manner. But there is more to it than meets the eye!

However, even for the experienced Street Photographer this might pose both a challenge and a unique opportunity to seize the countless moments of motionless time, which will add a diachronic dimension to your ideal candid black and white shots or allow for some incomparably brilliant coloured street photos.


Street Photography in Sofia: The ideal places to get started


Alexander Nevsky Antique Market

Visit Sofia´s Alexander Nevsky Antique Market, a rather informal open-air market place right next to famous Alexander Nevsky Cathedral. Here you will find great opportunities for portrait images among the stalls selling anything from souvenirs and special rarities to memorabilia and artifacts of the country’s past. Actually, the Cathedral makes the perfect backdrop for some of your most stunning Street Photographs of such vibrant street scenes.


Tsar Ivan Shishman Street

If modern street art in Sofia is what you have in mind for your exclusive Street Photography experience, then you should head into the direction of Ivan Shishman Street, Sofia’s street art stronghold. Here you can capture your singular street photo moments among the most weird street art creations in the form of graffiti and wonderful, impressively decorated transformer boxes, that carry meaningful messages and add a polyphonic and dynamic touch to the simple daily routines in this place.


Ladies‘ Market – Zhenski Pazar

Don’t miss out on the chance to shot some truly awesome Street Photographs in the vicinity of the Ladies‘ Market – Zhenski Pazar, which provides a mine of strikingly impressive images for your portfolio. Observe women doing their shopping among the stalls that sell produce, fresh fish, beautiful traditional items, handicraft, authentic Bulgarian rosewater and other more or less significant household utensils.

Nowhere else can you dive into a more genuine Bulgarian market atmosphere than you do at Ladies‘ Market, a place that rarely sees any tourists; however, it is well-frequented by housewives, old ladies and even by young teenage girls, who are likely to reveal their emotions, language, mentality and habits in a market context of this kind.


Vitosha Boulevard

Spend a warm morning at one of the lovely street cafés on Vitosha Boulevardand take in the fantastic atmosphere the hustle and bustle of the place has to offer! Get inspired by the incessantly busy ongoings along this exclusive street, which is considered to be one of the most expensive commercial store and boutique areas in the world and indeed a Street Photographer’s dream.


The Saints Cyril and Methodius National Library, Sofia

A visit to the significant Saints Cyril and Methodius National Librarynear Alexander Nevski Cathedral is undoubtedly a must for every Street Photographer. The National Library was founded in 1878 and its neoclassical architecture as well as the stunning flower gardens and the fine monument of the creators of the Cyrillic alphabet are a wonderful choice for some truly awe-inspiring street photos.


Borisova Gradina Park, Sofia city centre

If you feel like exploring some urban nature, then Borisova Gradina Park, the oldest park in Sofia, is the perfect place for you. Catch the sounds of nature, the rustling of leaves and the chirping of birds and create some fantastic urban life images of people walking along the tree-lines park avenues or happily resting on endlessly long, green stretches of grass.


The Russian Church

One of the most fascinating buildings there are to admire n Sofia is the Russian Churchnear Alexander Nevski Cathedral. This sacral building is surrounded by a wonderful park, which creates particularly in winter a dreamland atmosphere while in spring and summer a sea of beautiful flowers turn the place into a delightful and scenic fairy-tale landscape. Get some really nice shots from this very attractive highlight in Sofia!


Rakovski Street – city centre

Walk along one of the central streets leading through the city centre: In RakovskiStreetyou will have plenty of opportunities to shot some great photos of people and exceptional buildings, which line this famous city street. Make the most of the city’s majestic sights by selecting background images of the finest, such as the „Alexander Nevsky Cathedral“, fantastic “Ivan Vazov National Theatre“ or the “National Opera and Ballet“. In such a vibrant and unique context you simply ought to try to catch your perfect moment in time with stunning portraits and intense street scenes!


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The best photo galleries for Street Photographers in Sofia


Φ Ω S – Street Photography Days in Sofia

The famous exhibition and festival PhoSofia is held in combination with one of the most important Balkan Workshops on Street Photography – Φ Ω S, which takes place in Sofia every year. The success of this exhibition is widely due to its interactive nature as it not only displays fantastic Street Photography collections by acclaimed women Street Photographers, but it also offers reviews of individual Street Photos taken as well as presentations and discussions on issues connected to Street Photography.

Location: Boulevard Vasil Levski 55, Sofia, Bulgaria.


U.S. Embassy Sofia – „Master of Photography: Vivian Maier“

One of the absolute highlights and beyond doubt the finest heartpiece of all Street Photography expositions is the glorious work of Vivian Maier, who embodies the quintessence of the divinely gifted Street Photographer and whose overwhelming and spectacular images demonstrate an entirely new and intriguing way of perceiving people and things in any given everyday urban situation. It is a great delight to see her stunning street scenes, comparable in quality, artistic execution and merit only to the most valuable of the exquisite paintings by the Old Masters.

Location: Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia 1000, Gen. Gurko Str. 1.


Street Photography Challenge – Photosynthesis Gallery Sofia

Visit famous „Street Photography Challenge“ exhibition organised by GuruShots along with award winning professional British photographer Tom Bourdon. Street Photographers from all around the world are invited to submit their work, which subsequently is carefully reviewed, evaluated and displayed as well as printed in this very singular Street Photography gallery.

Location: Photosynthesis Gallery, Vasil Levski Boulevard 55, Sofia.


Fotofabrika Sofia – People of Sofia

This annual exhibition titled „Street Photography as a story of a thousand small worlds“ reveals an impressive collection of selected images by famous Bulgarian Street Photographer Vihren Georgiev. Admire the eye-catching features his powerful street photographs bear and get inspired by his remarkable and very unique way to document everyday urban life in Bulgaria’s capital city.

Location: Unicredit Studio, Sveta Nedelja Square 7, Sofia.


Street Photography Workshops and Courses in Sofia


Φ Ω S – „Walk the Talk“ Street Photography Workshop Sofia

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to work with the most experienced and recognised Street Photographers who will coach you during well organised walks through the impressive streets and lively boulevards, huge squares and hidden corners. You will not only acquire power of observation, patience, inspirational strength and perception of delicate objects for perfect Street Photography snapshots, but also technical instructions in terms of light conditions, juxtapositions, geometry and symbolism. The Workshop begins with an overview introduction to Street Photography. You will be encouraged to participate in Round-table discussions and bring your Street Photography portfolio for constructive evaluation. Required equipment items: Digital camera, Laptop, USB key.


Photography Tour – NPA Photo Agency Course

This interesting workshop is organised by famous British photographer Tom S-N and regularly held in form of a 7-day Street Photography tour through Sofia and other amazing Bulgarian places. Learn how to distinguish fine street scenes that carry a delicate balance while seeking to document all those simple, unpretentious everyday moments for eternity. The tour begins and ends in the capital city Sofia, so there will be a lot of opportunities to practice perfect Street Photography with renowned and outstanding professional photographers.


Art Photography Schools – the National Academy of Art

There are regularly classes held on Street Photography by the Bulgarian National Academy of Art in Sofia. Within the study framework of this Street Photography Workshop you will receive valuable instructions on serval aspects of Street Photography and of photography in general. You will cover different topics on creating visually impressive and unique images of people and places. At the same time you are going to get the chance to substantially improve your shooting techniques as well as your observational skills. Location: Shipka Street 1, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria.


Sofia Photo Walk – Better Moments: Sofia – City of Lights Tour

Get to know a city whose tranquility and lightness will certainly challenge every Street Photographer. Under the professional guidance of famous Street Photographer Iordan Hristov you will receive proper instructions on how to make the most of light conditions, composition and post processing as well as technical guidance such as shutter speed, aperture and camera settings. Participants of this Street Photography Workshop will have the opportunity to discover smart Sofia Highlights while Iordan Hristov will help prospective Street Photographers see intriguing street images through their own lens.

Explore all the exciting opportunities for stunning images in the vicinity of the many amazing attractions the capital city has to offer. Additional equipment required: Tripod. Meeting point: Famous St. Alexander Nevski Cathedral. Duration: 3 hours.


Sofia – Hidden Gems Photowalk Tour

For an entirely exclusive Street Photography tour around Sofia under the guidance of famous professional photographers you should definitely try the Sofia – Hidden Gems Photowalk Tour, which is a truly fantastic experience. In this unique Street Photography Workshop you will learn how to identify common scenes that hold lots of extraordinary potential for special Street Photos with reference to the recent historically overburdened past, in which new generations with a very contemporary attitude try to leave their own mark and strive upwards for their individual ideas and principles. Location: Patriarch Evthimiy Monument, ul. Graf Ignatiev, 1142 Sofia, City Centre, Bulgaria. Duration: 3 hours.


Sofia – Famous City Landmarks Tour

Among the most famous landmarks the city has to offer, detect fine images of people in urban situations and capitalize on the favourable moments for your strikingly distinctive Street Photos during this excellent Street Photography Workshop. Experience the splendor of well preserved historical architecture. No doubt, fascinating Byzantine churches and other overpowering sacral structures, prominent mosques that date back to Ottoman times as well as an impressive array of important contemporary buildings are bound to inspire you beyond imagination.

Under the careful guidance of professional photographers you will not only become acquainted with local people’s cultural and regional particuliarities, but also learn to perceive the singular image that will crystalize through your own observational powers. Meeting point: Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, City Centre, Sofia. Duration: 3 hours.


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