The 10 finest Street Photography accounts from Berlin on Instagram

Instagram is a great source for great Street Photography from all over the world. you will also find marvellous Street Photographers from Berlin here. These are from my personal perspective the best Street Photography accounts on Instagram at the moment: 


Martin U Waltz

Martin U Waltz is one of the most active and profilic Street Photographers from Berlin. He has over 50.000 Followers, won multiple contests and had several Street Photography exhibitions all over the world.He is a cofounder of Berlin1020, the Berlin Street Photography collective. He also teaches Street Photography in Berlin at his workshops and 1:1 trainings.

Check out Martin´s work on Instagram:



Iso.null30 aka Paulus Ponizak is a photojournalist for on e of the biggest Berlin newspapers and also one of the most talented German Street Photographers. He took part at the Miami Street Photography festival twice and has a very unique, eye-catching style. His Street Photos from Berlin are mainly blue and white with bypassers in the foreground. How in the world does he manages it to get so close to the people and the don´t even notice him?


Chris Candid

Chris Candid aka Christian Schirrmacher set his focus on the Bahnhof Zoo area, where he portrays mainly homeless people and drunkards, but also other people. He chats with them and while doing so he makes outstanding, deep portraits. He is also very active, like his nickname says, in candid Street Photography. He is a cofounder of Berlin1020 Street Photography collective He was part of many Street Photography books and exhibitions, the 2018 Void Tokyo exhibition in Hamburg with Tatsuo Suzuki, for example.

Chris Candid on Instagram:


Alex Pfeiffer

Alex Pfeiffer is a Street Photography educator living and teaching in Friedrichshain, a lively neighbourhood where he also seeks and finds his motifs: Portraits and monochrome, mainly black and white Street Photos. He published his own book about the German parliament, had a few exhibitions, is part of Berlin1020 and is available for workshops via Airbnb and his personal website.


Nikita Teryoshin

Nikita Teryoshin is a photojournalist based in Berlin and documents „street, documentary & everyday horror“. His works are mainly made with flash and bursting colors, some of his photos remind of the work of Martin Parr or Wolfgang Zurborn. Ckeck out Nikita´s work on Instagram: aka Patrick Thommel loves b/w, blurry Street Photos and portraits from the streets of Berlin. He also publishes series on his instagram account. Check out Patrick´s work:


Max Edvardson

Max Edvardson lives and works as a photographer in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. He made outstanding portraits of visitors of the weekly flew market in famous Mauerpark, but also a lot of intriguing candid Street Photos on the streets of Prenzlauer Berg and other parts of Berlin:


Roland Groebe

Roland Groebe focuses on the Holocaust memorial, where he realized a huge and outstanding series of this famous site in the centre of Berlin. He is part of Berlin1020, the Berlin Street Photography collective and won numerous photography contests and was part of many exhibitions in Germany and Europe.


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Sebastian Jacobitz

Sebastian Jacobitz, currently based in Indonesia, publishes one of the biggest online Street Photography magazines in Germany, StreetBounty. Apart from his Berlin works he currently published a fantastic photo documentary about sulfur mines in Indonesia. Check out Sebastian´s work on Instagram:



Efi.O. is an actress from Berlin whois also an active and profilic Berlin Street Photographer. She is part of intercollective with Paulus Ponizak aka Iso.null30. She has, like her collective buddy, no problem with getting very close to the people she portrays.


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