Your 2020 Street Photography Workshop Guide to Oslo

Oslo is probably the most interesting city in Scandinavia for Street Photographers.

In summer, there are a lot of outdoor activites that people are enjoying and many tourists come to visit the capital of Norway. Oslo indeed is an ideal city for Street Photography. Historical buildings stand right next to modern and clean architecture. Many local restaurants and bars, parks and castles make it a very interesting travel goal.
Norwegian poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson once called Oslo “Tigerstaden”, which means “The Tiger City.” A poem he wrote in 1870 described a symbolical fight between the tiger, which stands for the dangerous city and the peaceful countyside, represented by a horse. Oslo is considered as a global city, as it also is the major trading and shipping hub of Norway.


Street Photography in Oslo: The best places to hit the streets

Sentrum: Being one of the largest cities in Scandinavia, Oslo offers a broad variety of great Street Photography spots. Especially the city-centre of Oslo with its many shopping streets and cafés attracts many visitors. Capture the everyday life in the crowded alleys. No matter which day of the week- the busy streets are always worth visiting. Due to the proximity to the Train Station, Sentrum is a starting point for most tourists. To get there from central station simply take a light rail train or walk left on Strandgata and take the crossing road Rathusgata.

Aker Brygge: This very trendy neighborhood is located just a few minutes from the city center. The former dockyard has gained popularity because of many good dining opportunities and boutiques. This place is ideal for Street Photography because of the colorful mix of people who come here every day. In summer, from morning till night lots of people gather around to take a walk, go shopping or have a drink at Aker Brygge. Also, the modern architecture creates a vivid backdrop to your photos.

Oslo East: The colorful and lively districts in the East build a perfect background for Street Photography. Not only are there a lot of small pubs and authentic atmosphere around Grønland, which has a wide cultural versatility with many immigrants living here. You may also want to catch a glimpse at the historical background of Oslo in Gamlebyen and Ekeberg, with the medieval ruins. Grünerløkka, for example, is one of the trendy districts of Oslo. It is popular with Street Photographers because of the colorful street art, trendy bars and hip dance clubs. Tourists buy fashion from designer items to secondhand, while the weekend market offers delicacies and kitchen utensils. From Oslo Central Station you can get there by public transportation within about 15 minutes.


Karl Johan’s gate

Karl Johan’s gate is Oslo’s most central street. This is also why it’s one of the top spots for Street Photography. The road leads from the main train station to the castle and is lined with numerous pubs and shops. Especially on national holidays everything is decorated with flags and street musicians play for change. The authentic flair is definitely unique. If you like a little more natural backdrop for your Photography, take a walk to the Dronningparken, the park area of the Queen- which is both peaceful but impressive.


The best photo galleries for Street Photographers



Fotogalleriet (norwegian for „The Photo Gallery“) is the only gallery in the city that is completely devoted to photographic art. It has been founded in 1977. Exhibitions show contemporary photographs and camera-based art from international artists. The library has a lot of literature as well on all issues relating to photography, video and theory. Books can not be taken out of the gallery, but during opening times you may sit and research. Also, the annual Vårutstillingen (The Spring Exhibition) is hosted at Fotogalleriet, presenting open submissions from candidates who applied. A professional jury will then choose the most meaningful work, and the winner will be announced at the opening.

You can visit the regular exhibitions 1 Jan 2019 – 13 Apr 2020, Saturday -Sunday from 12:00 am – 16:00 pm. Spring season is from 1 Jan 2019 – 13 Apr 2020 with opening from Tuesday -Friday, 12:00 am – 17:00 pm. The address is Møllergata 34, 0179 Oslo. You can get there from Oslo Central Station using the tram 54 Kjelsås stasjon to Hammersborggata. Within walking distance it is only about 600 meters from the main station.


Shoot Gallery

Oslo has a well-developed photography scene. No wonder that this private gallery has a broad range of interesting exhibitions, reaching from street photography over portraits to landscapes. The annual “Winter Selection” which shows a selection of the gallery artists. It showcases and introduces new artists, as well as collaborations to the audience. Enjoy fine photographic work which will definitely leave an impression.

Often times there aren’t only newcomers but also worldwide renowned producers who present their view of the world. Among others, works of Tom Sandberg, Lee Miller and Paolo Roversi have been presented. You find Shoot Gallery in Balders gate 28, 0263 Oslo, Norway. Opening hours are from Tuesday-Friday 12 pm -17 pm and at Saturdays from 12pm -16 pm. The gallery is closed on bank holidays. If you want to visit with a group of more than 10 people, you need to reach out to the gallery administration first.


Fotografiens Hus – photo gallery

This gallery „Fotografiens Hus“ (english „The Photography House“) opened in 1999. The initiation was hosted by former editor Jo Benkow of Norsk Fotografisk Tidsskrift (a magazine, that today is no longer produced). Then, in 2006, several photography associations began to collaborate with the gallery and opened their offices in the house.
The gallery shows exhibitions of internationally renowned as well as newly established photographers in a close program of about 10 exhibitions a year. Also, the library contains a selection of photo books and an extensive archive of photo magazines.

You find this wonderful small gallery at Rådhusgata 20 in 0151 Oslo. To get there by train you might exit at station Kvadraturen and turn right on Kirkegata. Opening time is from Tuesday -Friday, 10:00 am – 16:00 pm during main season which is 1 Aug  – 30 Nov. The side season ranges from 1 Aug  – 30 Nov, where the gallery opens its doors from Saturday – Sunday 12:00 pm – 16:00 pm.


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Street Photography Workshops and courses in Oslo


Oslo Photo Tour

If you look for an interesting Street Photography Workshop in Oslo, this three-hour tour might be just right. Tour guide Rami Kafarov designs tailor-made programmes, which fit the needs of each group. He also is very well informed about the history of Norway and knows the. The meeting point is flexible. Book your ticket via trip advisor or just visit the website for further information.

Book a tour through Jewish history and discover, how many traces of the past are still to find in Oslo, spread all over the city. You will discover small streets crowded with people as well as a magnificent cemetery and impressive church. The pedestrian suspension bridge Aamot provides the perfect backdrop for street photography.


Keith Moss Academy

Keith Moss, born in 1959 in England, has always has developed his passion for photography from the age of thirteen. He wrote the book Urban Portraits which shows his works from travelling all around the world, giving tips and hints on how to improve your photography and showing an incredible view on authentic street portraiture. The Leica M Photographer is specialised in street photography all around Europe’s most exciting cities.
The three day Street Portrait & Urban Landscape Photography Workshop will show you how to capture better Street Photographs. The skill level required is intermediate, so you should have acquired some knowledge before the course. Both guides Keith Moss and Bjørn Joachimsen teach techniques to successfully capture moods and light in a more authentic way.

Benefit from the experience of your coaches and express yourself through the lense- by shooting in analogue film on an Ilford XP-2 film roll, you will receive amazing results. The film material will be developed in Oslo Foto, a little store in the city center. On day two, the coaches will give you a critic and also provide some tips on how you could do better. The price for the coaching is 425 €, excluding accommodation and travelling costs.


Terje Skaare, Photographer

The versatile photographer, based in Oslo also offers students insights into the technique and basics with his courses. In the Portrait Light course, you will learn how to understand and use the existing light, whether it’s artificial or natural. Your coach specialises in photography for all types of customers, company and private all around Oslo and also other locations. Among other things, the following types of workshops are offered: Lightroom retouching, basic courses, macro-photography and portrait photography. The portrait course, for example, starts with a brief introduction at the beginning. After that Terje Skaare will wander the streets with you – searching for places with exciting ligt. You will have enough time to photograph for a while before he moves on.

Group participants will be modelling for each other. When the session is over, the coach looks through the pictures, discusses and summarizes the results. This is a good opportunity to make notes or ask some questions. For sure, it is possible to arrange an individual workshop that includes street photography instead of the portrait theme. Feel free to contact the coach via his website or write an e-mail to


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