Your 2020 Street Photography Workshop Guide to Seoul

Seoul has so many amazing Street Photography spots to offer!

Why should you do a Street Photography Workshop in Seoul? Approximately twenty five million people live in the region Sudogwon, with ten million living in its centre Seoul. The South Korean capital city and largest metropolis is located along the Han River. With a rich history older than 2000 years, Seoul had been one of the former Three Kingdoms of Korea.

Being surrounded by a hilly landscape and containing one of five UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the South Korean capital city attract millions of tourists every year. The metropolis also beautifully combines modern with historical, religious architecture from the old Joseon dynasty, being filled with countless temples and palaces along with skyscrapers and futuristic building complexes. There are many places to explore Seoul as a Street Photographer. Wether you do it on your own or you join a Street Photography course or workshop.

Seoul is also a very green city, containing numerous parks and forests. Especially the palace gardens are absolutely worth a visit. The South Koreans totally celebrate their fusion of culture, religion and technology, which is seen through the entire cityscape. There are so many great places in Seoul for great Street Photography, we had to narrow it down to the best four.


The best places in Seoul for Street Photography


Bukak Palgakjeong

The pavilion Bukak Palgakjeong is located on Montain Bugak at the far north of Seoul’s city centre, and its name means ‘Octagonal Pavilion’. The place definitely earned its status as most romantic spot in Seoul and also perfect for Street Photography. The 360-degree view over the city at night is more than incredible. Enjoy a drink or two in one of the cafés and shoot some magical night pictures of the South Korean capital. Even the ride to the top of mountain is breathtaking.


Bukchon Hanok Village

This magical place not only for Street Photographers is situated in the northern of Seoul’s city centre. Between shrines and palaces, high above on a hill, you will find Bukchon Hanok Village, a part of Seoul preserved to display a 600 year old environment. The beautiful pagodas and small alleys give the perfect frame for unique and magical pictures. Being in the village, you can also see the skyscrapers of Seoul in the distance. Witness the incredible fusion of the old South Korean culture and modern architecture.


Changdeokgung Palace and Garden

The Changdeokgung Palace is located in the northern part of Seoul’s city centre and is one of few King’s Palaces left from the Joseon dynasty. In 1997, it has become a UNSECO World Heritage Site. Combined with the Secret Garden, the Changdeokgung Palace and its multiple pavilions provide the perfect scenery for Street Photography in Seoul. Some trees in the garden reached a magnificent age of three hundred years.


Lotte World Tower

In 2016, this incredible 555 meters high skyscraper was built. Located in the city part called Jamsil-dong, it towers over the city being one of the highest buildings in Seoul. The viewing platforms are situated between the 117th and the 123rd floor. And believe us, you will not get a better and more incredible view of Seoul than on the Bukak Palgakjeong not only for Street Photography. The famous glass floor has even been in the Guinness World Records.

A few examples for interesting Street Photography from Seoul:


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Honestly my favourite picture out of all that id taken in Seoul, I hadn’t picked up my DSLR in so long at that point and I thought Id take photos that were just okay cause I was out of practice and uninspired for so long, but whenever I think about traveling and capturing different places this is the sort of photos that I want to take 📷 cant wait to continue traveling and taking the sort of beautiful and amazing photos that I dreamed I would take when I stumbled my way into a photography course a couple years ago, it wasn’t for me but now Im more motivated than Ive ever been to make and share my art on my own terms 😌 ~ ~ ~ #photography #urban #streetphotography #lights #seoul #travelseoul #korea #euljiro3ga #seoulstreetphotography #vsco #vscocam #vscoedit #southkorea #beautiful #signs #streetshoot #instalike #instagood #instapic

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The best photo galleries for Street Photographers in Seoul

South Korea has brought the world many incredibly talented artists and is very supportive towards young, ambitious newcomers. The city also provides multiple platforms for photographers to share their work with the public. Let’s take a look at some of Seoul’s best street photography galleries.


The Museum of Photography

The Museum of Photography is Seoul’s first exclusive photography museum, containing works of early Korean history from 1880 to the 1940s but also contemporary artistic work. Changing exhibitions display photographical work of South Korean and international photographers. Especially the historic collection is worth a view, because it contains images of South Korea before its liberation from Japan and images of the modern era during the country’s industrialization

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10 am to 7 pm


Daelim Museum

The Daelim Museum is located in the Seoul neighbourhood of Tongui-dong with a very artistic and modern exterior. The stained glass look of the museum is inspired by traditional Korean pottery. The curators set their focus on photography, but also exhibiting other artistic mediums. Being considered one of the public friendliest museums in South Korea, the Daelim had recently displayed a Karl Lagerfeld exhibition, photographed by Ryan McGinley.

Opening hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm, Thursday and Saturday 10 am to 8 pm


Gallery BK

The Gallery BK is situated in the Seoul district Itaewon and displays the works of a great variety of artists from South Korea and abroad. Founded in 2011, the Gallery’s exhibitions are split into two parts: On the ground floor visitors can see the various sculptures, paintings and art installations, and the third floor is dedicated to photography. The gallery’s aim is also to support communication and exchange about art, so the curators organize art events regularly.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10 am to 6 pm


Arko Art Centre

Arko Art Centre is a public art gallery and an art center in the Daehak-ro area in Seoul. The gallery focuses on exhibiting promising new artist with a sense of experimental art. Along with various paintings, the Arko Art Centre also displays a variety of photographs of South Korean and international artists. The exhibitions change regularly and the admission to the center is free.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11 am to 6 pm


Doosan Art Centre

Located in the neighbourhood of Yeonji-dong, The Doosan Art Centre is a dedication to art itself. No matter if you are looking for great exhibitions of paintings, photography or sculptures, or for art performances in dancing and acting, you will find it there. The huge three building complex is home to the art of various young and professional performers and artists from all around the world.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 11 am to 6 pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 6 pm


Street Photography workshops and courses in Seoul

Being in a vibrant city that celebrates art and culture so much, you will probably become very inspired to take your photography skills a level higher to really capture the atmosphere and soul of it. Seoul is a huge place with so many different sights and neighbourhoods it is easier to get around with someone who knows the city and can show you the best spots. How about taking a street photography workshop in Seoul?

The South Korean capital city is home to many very talented and inspirational street photographers who were either born and raised in Seoul, or moved there after having spent a vacation and totally falling in love with the cityscape and culture. No matter if they are locals or not: it’s always great to have a group of likeminded people around you, you can share your passion of street photography with.



Vayable is an online agency that helps you to find the best, personalized tours for you in order to make a vacation unforgettable. They also organize street photography courses in Seoul and other cities. Jamie, the founder of Vayable, is well-travelled and knows of the great benefits of discovering the world. The street photography tour with Vayable photographer Vincent takes four hours and costs around $250. You can choose from a variety of main focuses, such as architecture photography (interior and exterior), street portrait photography and more.

The Street Photography course consists of one hour of theory about the picked theme and two and a half to three hours of practice with a fifteen minutes break. While practising, you will get more tips and you will be able to exchange knowledge and experience with Vincent. With a small additional fee, the course can be extended for two more hours.


Maciej Dakowicz

Polish photographer, traveller and educator Maciej offers incredible workshops all over the world and provides you with an experience you will never forget. He is a member of the international street photography collective In-Public and absolutely loves to share his experience and expertise with you. Maciej has been giving courses in street, documentary and travel photography since 2010 and always combines them with his travels. His courses do not have a fixed duration.

They are 24-hour-experiences full of inspiration and fun. Maciej regularly travels to Seoul in order to work with small groups of interested photographers who want to learn from a pro. During the workshop, he provides with background information about legal aspects of street photography and various photography techniques. You will also look at all taken pictures in a group in order to analyse and discuss them.


Greg Samborski

Greg Samborski is a freelance street photographer living in Seoul. He offers various courses in street photography using the incredible cityscape of the South Korean metropolis. Greg is an absolute professional who has been teaching photography at university level since 2014. In his intermediate in beginner street photography classes you will learn various techniques, how to use your camera for long exposure of lights and a lot more. After you have finished the workshop, you can take his Light Room class to learn how to perfectly edit you taken pictures.

The classes cost $100 and take about two hours, always taking place Tuesdays. The course language is English and a group usually consists of only four people. In a Facebook group you can later share and discuss your taken photos.


Meetup Photo Tribe

The Photo Tribe actually is not a street photography workshop per se. It is a group of people who meets regularly in order to take pictures together, discuss them and just have a great time. Everyone who participates is very passionate about street photography. Some locals, who are firm members of the group, provide knowledge about the Seoul area and great spots to take pictures of.

A few times a year, founder of the Meetup Photo Tribe, Vincent gives courses and workshops for interested photographers. All in all, the groups goal is to get a lot of passionate photographers of all levels together to shoot some amazing pictures and exchange knowledge, expertise and skills.


Submit your favorite place in this city with a description how to find it (minimum 100 words) and your favorite photo from there and you have a good chance to be featured with your favorite secret place and a link to your photography website or Instagram feed!


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