Your 2020 Street Photography Workshop Guide to Miami

Miami offers so many beautiful places for Street Photographers…

Street Photography in Miami: The best places to hit the streets

Ocean Drive

When you think of Miami the archetypal palm-tree postcard view will surely come to your mind. Here at the Ocean Drive, the symmetrical pastel colored buildings constructed around 1930, will make you travel back in time. With palm trees, vintage cars and a lot of the old Art Deco flair still lingering, the Ocean Drive gives a perfect atmosphere for Street Photography.
Catch a glimpse of the glam of an old era at this iconic road, which has been the location of many famous movies. It offers perfect conditions for authentic Street Photography. The proximity to the water at the Ocean Drive allows beach shots too, serving more than one interesting location. You can get to Ocean Drive within 5 minutes via Collins Ave and Washington Ave.


Lincoln Road

Just a few blocks away from the beach, Lincoln Road attracts visitors with its lively atmosphere. The modernist buildings and busy streets make for an ideal backdrop for Street Photography. Shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities string together. At the pedestrian-only street, you can see many locals as well as tourists gathering relax or take a walk. There is always something happening. You could say, this area is the ultimate spot for people watching, as there are locals as well as many tourists strolling around. Lincoln Road is just a few blocks if you come from Ocean Drive. Follow Washington Ave just where the road splits of to Lincoln Road.


Wynwood District

What sparks the interest of artists more than an art district? If you aim for something more vibrant and colorful, Miami’s art district Wynwood is always a good choice. Due to the relaxed atmosphere around here, Wynwood has a different feeling than the rest of the city. It could be considered an open air street-art gallery. Indie stores, hipster cafés and graffiti murals instead of the typical glitz and glam: A perfect possibility to capture the raw and authentic side of living. Street Photographers will find a myriad of different spots, from lonely side road to crowded terraces. Definitely check out the bright murals and big wall paintings.

Coming from Miami Beach you can reach Wynwood by following Julia Tuttle Causeway and turning left into North Miami Avenue.

Beach photography can also be Street Photography:


Calle Ocho

Looking for a more eccentric scene? Calle Ocho lies in the middle of the famous cuban neighborhood, Little Havana. Discover true brazilian lifestyle: Cigar smoke fills the air and latin music comes from the nearby restaurants.
The heart of Little Havana provides Street Photographers with interesting insights to the lives of the locals and serving as a location during the day as well as at night when the bars open. For over 40 years the Music Festival has brought people together to celebrate. This is an ideal occasion for a Street Photography tour. You can take bus transportation to the Latin Quarter mostly from anywhere in central Miami.


The best photo galleries for Street Photographers


Leica Gallery Miami

The Leica store mainly sells cameras, accessories and photographs. But there are also recurring dates for workshops and bootcamps. Every once in a while it holds store events such as gallery openings with american artists, showing off their skills. In addition to portrait and architecture, street photography works will also be on display here. Most of the events are sponsored by local companies. This way, the gallery can grant free admission for visitors.


The Center for Visual Communication

Wynwood is one of the most stylish neighborhoods of the city. Known for its many colorful murals, the former warehouse district became the art center of South Florida. No wonder that there are also many museums and art galleries bustling next to the brightly painted house walls. The Center for Visual Communication presents works from artists, both local and international.

It’s been the contact point for both experimental and contemporary visual art in Florida for the past 20 years. And still, it persuades the visitors with its daring concepts. Photographers like Clarence Laughlin, have had their work displayed here. His gloomy black and white work might seem like a mix of reality and dreams, with a big amount of composition and creativity. Some of his portraits of people could be considered as Street Photography today. The gallery spaces feature an eclectic mix of other photographers, for example, Clyde Butcher with his Everglades snapshots.


The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse

The non-profit organization Margulies at the Warehouse is located in Wynwood art district. It was designed in a 45.000 square foot warehouse, which perfectly underlines the atmosphere. Curators are arranging multiple exhibitions such as installations and paintings of modern art.

But the museum also offers a variety of photographic works. Some photographic works date back to the 1930s, when street photography flourished. The black and white images capture authentic insights into people’s lives in a unique way. The address of the gallery is 591 NW 27th St in Miami.


Dina Mitrani Art Gallery

In this extraordinary gallery entirely dedicated to photography, visitors get a great and highly interesting point of view of both emerging and established artists. Owner Dina Mitrani has 20 years experience in the art community and has a great passion for photography. She opened the gallery in November 2008. Fun fact: Her sister, Rhonda Mitrani, opened a video-art-gallery in Miami which is unique in this form in the city. Before starting the Gallery, Dina Mitrani worked as an art consultant and advisor for well-known collectors at both private and public institutions.

The exhibitions vary from black and white to colorful and experimental captures. You should not miss out on openings with the respective artists, for they offer an insight on the work behind the scenes. The address of the gallery is 2620 NW 2nd Ave, Miami.


Street Photography Workshops and courses in Miami


HistoryMiami Museum

Miami Street Photography Festival will be hosted at HistoryMiami Museum from December 5 to December 8 2019. It will be showing some of the most impressing Street Photography artworks and displays the best of contemporary shots and documentary photography. During the festival, workshops for Street Photography Workshop in Miami will be offered. Artists like Nikos Economopoulos, Magdalena Sole or Vineet Vohra are arranging the courses for a tuition. Nikos Economopoulos for example has dedicated to Street Photography after studying law in Italy and since then created intense images of ethnic minorities and their struggles in society.

Each photography coach presents different topics like choosing the best photos, composing and developing your own style. Concepts are tailor-made for people who are highly interested in Street Photography. The workshops last from four to five days, depending on the host and up to 12 students will have the opportunity to register. It’s important to register online, so you will have a guaranteed booking. Meeting point is the Museum, which is located in downtown Miami. (Address: 101 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33130, USA)

The festival itself is definitely a must-see for it presents the beauty of capturing the moment, diving into the magic of culture and life. Thousands of submissions are sent to the museum every year, from all over the world. 45 countries are participating in the international contest. An expert panel has chosen the finalists, with a focus on unique photography and exceptional compositions. Visitors can also take part in workshops to develop their skills, learn new techniques and listen to guest speakers. The fee is 40 $ for a four-day pass. It includes access to all events of the Miami Street Photography Festival. For a day ticket you are going to have to pay the standard museum pricing.


Miami Photo Center

The Miami Photo Center offers a offers a one day Street Photography Workshop in Miami. Generally, the course contains three main parts: The first is a two hour education class explaining the history of Street Photography and exploring the works of well known Street Photographers. You will learn about the connection between photographic motive and its surroundings as well as the importance of motion and setting. Second a tour through Wynwood district with the instructors awaits, where several different settings are shown. For its beautiful murals and graffitis are renewed every few months, Wynwood is a true hot spot for street photography. The guides will give useful tips for framing, vantage point as well as details for the perfect shot. Key question is, how to look past the everyday events of life and reveal the meaningful stories hidden behind. During the final class the results will be discussed in the group. This workshop is aimed at beginners, as well as all further levels from cell phone to DSLR photographers.

In addition to the practical experience of the course you will also learn about the technical aspects, such as shutter speed, exposure and apertures in order to bring your photos to the next level. Teachers will explain benefit of different focuses and the power of using the depth of field to create vivid images. You will also be shown how to use lenses for different purposes and create interesting effects.
Another important aspect is knowing the legal aspects of street photography to keep your work safe and respect the laws. A quick introduction to the statutory regulations will prepare you for the real-world experience.

Meeting point is the Miami Photo Center (Address: 7640 NW 25th St Unit 113, Miami, FL 33122, USA). At this point there is no follow-up date scheduled for the course. For further information contact Miami Photo center.


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