Your 2020 Street Photography Workshop guide to Jakarta

The capital of Indonesia offers a wide variety of Street Photography spots.

One of the most pluralistic and culturally diverse places of the world (and therefore perfect for street photography) is Jakarta. The capital of Indonesia is inhabited by more than 10 million people from a lot of different ethnicities. You might find Jawanese, Betawi, Sundanese, Chinese, Malays, Batak and Minangkabau and many others who have their own traditions, festivals, art and cuisine. Hence, it is not a big surprise that food photography courses are very popular in Jakarta.

But street life has a lot of treats to offer to your lense as well: In the following, you will find out more about the best spots for street photography in Jakarta, the most interesting photo exhibitions and workshops an learn about the photographers‘ community in Jakarta. As you may find out, many locals of all ages are keen on photography and like to share their shots on social networks.


The 5 most interesting places for Street Photography in Jakarta



Jakarta’s Chinatown is situated in Glodok. It is not only Indonesia’s biggest Chinatown but one of the biggest worldwide. You can find Chinese temples, food, markets. street signs and you may explore cultural life through your lense – especially at Chinese’s New Year celebrations in January. You can take brilliant pictures in the brightest colors of dragon dances, decorations and street life in general there.


Kalijodo Park

Once a red light district, Kalijodo is now a popular public place to meet and enjoy a day outside or spend it with sportive activities. Young people, families and friends of all ages their free time. The park has different main areas with a playground, an amphitheater (you may find nice graffiti art work here), a skate park, an indoor football court and food courts.


Car Free Day on Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Thamrin

Each Sunday morning from 6 to 11 a.m., the big roads Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Thamrin are partly closed for private cars (from Ratu Plaza up until the Monas Monument). This tradition has become an opportunity for many people to get out and active while there is less traffic. It is a perfect opportunity to take unusual, atmospheric pictures from deserted highways or from people walking or cycling on those big streets.


Jalan Surabaya Flea Market

One of the tourist attractions is the Jalan Surabaya Flea Market in the district of Menteng. People like to buy textiles as well as antiques, ornate wood carvings, vinyl records and all kinds of curiosities. If you like to combine pictures of peoples or like to take colorful shots from the stands, this might be worth a visit.


Photo galleries for Street Photographers


Antara Gallery of Photojournalism / Galeri Foto Jurnalistik Antara

Founded by Oscar Motuloh, this gallery focuses on journalistic photography – which has a lot in common with street photography, when it seizes the moment to tell a story about the life of common people.


Jakarta Street Photography

If you want to get a first glimpse on what to expect to get in front of your lense, you might visit the online gallery on the blog Jakarta Street Photography. Besides street photography art, you find some hints and tips from international photographers who are into street photography.


Street Photography Workshops and courses in Jakarta

Among private courses from photographers, there are five official schools for photography who offer courses for students but also events and workshops for travellers who take their time to join a course there.


Darwis Triadi School of Photography

Founded in 2003, Darwis Triadi’s School of Photography is located in the South of Jakarta. According to the motto „Learn from the best“, Darwis Triadi – a famous Indonesian photographer – engaged experienced, well known photographers as instructors and teaches even courses himself. Besides long courses for beginners and advanced photographers, the school offers also workshops (e.g. for Street photography, food photography and other topics that may change each term) and photo excursions to different places in Indonesia (e.g. Bali).


Jakarta School of Photography

In 2009, the artist, writer and photograph Herry Tjiang founded the Jakarta School of Photography. It is based quite central in Jakarta (street: Gedung Nyi Ageng serang lantai 3) and offers a good range of courses for beginners and advanced photographers. You will find drone photography courses as well as courses for street photography, It is a If you like to learn more about practical street photography („Fotografi hunting“ / „Hunting class“).


Nikon College / Nikon School of Photography

As the name suggested, the Nikon College focusses on photography with Nikon cameras and offers product training. But if you are an owner of a Nikon camera anyway (or like to try one of those), they offer also practical photography courses like the Photowalk and the Night Photowalk where you can practice street photography with your Nikon camera.


Canon School of Photography

If you are rather using a Canon camera, there is also the Canon School of Photography in Jakarta. It is led by the photographer Kumara Prasetya and based in the street Jl. Kramat Kwitang No.19 in the North of Jakarta.


LaSalle College

The LaSalle College, a college that focusses on design and is part of a Canadian education network, offers theoretical and practical classes for photography where students could graduate with a diploma and get a certificate as a professional photographer. International students can apply here and study for 2 (full-time) or 3 years (part-time).


International Design School

From time to time, you might find interesting Street Photography Workshops at the International Design School, too. They offer holiday programs and short courses which contain sometimes photography workshops, too. One course called Human Interest Photography (which basically means Street Photography with a focus on people) has been taught by the local Bisma F. Santabudi and Michael Ken.


Kelas Pagi – free morning classes by Anton Ismael

Get in contact with the locals who are keen on One of the largest photo communities of Jakarta is the Kelas Pagi, established by the photographer Anton Ismael. Since 2006, Anton Ismael offers free classes several times a week, starting at 6 a.m. for three hours. They have different topics and share their events and results on social media channels as the Facebook Group.


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