Street Photographers for a new decade: These photographers will shine in 2020

There are some new and still great street photographers out there with fascinating work I fell in love with over the years or just a few days ago. Here are my personal favorite new, still-amazing and upcoming Street Photography stars for 2020:


Céline Pannetier

Céline Pannetier is a French photographer currently living in Barcelona. Céline considers herself an occasional and sometimes accidental photographer. However, she aims to explore story telling more in the photographs she takes. While she engages in phone photography, she also explores how light and shadow play out with each other. Most of her photographs are taken in the gothic streets of Barcelona, mainly exploring how the Mediterranean sun and strong shadows interact with each other. Most of her photographs are done in colour.


David Shokouhbeen

David Shokouhbeen currently lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany. He took interest in street photography back in 2006. While he initially started photographing in black and white, he now shoots in colour more often. Shokouhbeen initially studied to become a teacher for Mathematics and Spanish, before taking up an interest in studying and applying photography. His photographs mostly capture unpredictable, humorous, and absurd moments. He also explores how humans interact with their everyday environment. He is mainly influenced by Magnum masters such as Abbas and Webb.


Filip Machac

Filip Machac was born in the Czech Republic, but moved to Berlin in 2013. His interest in photography begun in 2012, initially working with it on a conceptual level, before starting using it for art illustrations. He now considers photography as an instrument that forces him to observe his everyday more artistically. He sees photography as a way to communicate how he perceives the environment and the elements around it. His photographs are usually colourful and mainly taken in the streets of Berlin, as he tries to capture the rhythm, frequency and dynamics of this great city. Machac playfully chooses his perspectives, point of view and location to tell a story.


Paulus Ponizak

Paulus Ponizak currently works for a German publishing house in Berlin, Germany. He mainly specializes in portrait and editorial photography. Ponizak has a passion for documenting life in public places, something he has been doing since his time working for the Associated Press (AP). Ponizak has had the amazing opportunity of capturing historical milestones, such as the events of the Cold War, the reunification of East and West Germany, and other stories around the world in countries such as South Africa and the Balkans. Pozniak mainly aims to explore how light and deep shadows interact, and tries to isolate his subjects from the environment. He is also attracted by mirrors and reflections. His photographs are in colour or monochrome, depending on how he wants to tell his story.


Enrico Markus Essl

Enrico Markus Essl is a street photographer based in Linz, Austria. He was always interested in photography since his childhood. Markus has always been fascinated in capturing crucial moments in his work. He is especially intrigued with how urban jungles in cities and people interact with each other to create special moments. Markus is also inspired by how the geometric elements, patterns, colours and shadow work together like a puzzle to create interesting and creative compositions. His main influences in photography are works from Helmut Newton and Leni Riefenstahl. Most of his works can be considered as a sideways glance into the lives of other people. He mainly sets his figures against vast landscapes, perhaps to comment on how they perceive their existence and place in this vast cosmos.


Mark Volz

Mark Volz in a street photographer based in Munich, Germany and a good friend go mine. He has always been enthralled by street and reportage photography. His photographs are mainly comprised of a rich contrast of black and white. Volz captures his storytelling photographs to document lives of people in the streets of Munich. His love for street photography has even led him to publish a free eBook titled Street Photography Start Guide in the German Language. It is a book that gives useful tips and tricks of street photography, especially for those starting out.


Giedo van der Zwan

Giedo van der Zwan was born and 1967 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. His fascination with photography started when he was just 12 years old. His main focus was in travel and wildlife photography, before completely shifting his focus on street photography since 2017. Giedo van der Zwan considers himself very lucky to be working with other street photographs to capture moments in his own hometown and other cities across the world. His photographs are mostly in full colour and up close. He mainly gravitates towards formal compositions, but will sometimes add extra elements that are not always in plain sight. He has a book titled Pier to Pier about the culture of sea bathing in Scheveningen. His first solo exhibition on street photography attracted more than 200,000 visitors.



Ahmet Düzgün

Ahmet Düzgün is a street photographer based in Istanbul, Turkey. He uses his photographs to explore the lives of various people in the picturesque streets of Instabul. While he does sometimes explore using black and white photography, most of his photographs are full colour. In his photographs, he tries to capture the genuine emotions of his subjects, yet keeping you at a distance so that it does not seem you are invading their space.


Sebastian Buschmann

Sebastian Buschmann is a photographer specializing in street photography from Berlin, Germany. His photographs aim at catching those small moments of humans in the streets of the city. According to Sebastian Buschmann, one can come across exciting moments that can occur in only a few seconds, and thus one can capture them by triggering a camera. He mostly focuses on abstract simplicity and black and white photography. Sebastian Buschmann also offers workshops in Berlin for those interested in street photography.


Nicole Struppert

Nicole Struppert was born in Germany in 1969. She mainly juggles between working in Munich and London. Her work mainly focuses on minimalistic and geometric compositions, and also reportage footage. Her passion is mainly focused on observing contemporary life, making interesting compositions and an eye for shapes and form. In the past few years, Struppet has mainly been focusing on the relationship between people and architecture in urban spaces. Struppet’s architectural photography is especially renowned for its focus on details in design, instead of the more common wide angle views. Some of the famous projects she has worked on include the London Olympic games in 2012, and the US election also in 2012. She was the only female to be published by Rheinwer Verlag in their 2018 Book „Streetfotografie – Made in Germany.“ The book was about inspiring other artists that may be interested in street photography. She also has a website tilted WOMEN IN PHOTOGRAPHY, which gives female photographers a platform to display their work and get inspired by other artists.


Kevin Kaergel


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To be honest this is one of my favorite picture in the last time. I was so excited when I discovered this spot. How do you like the catch? Thanks for taking your time to comment. ————————————————————— #streetphotographersmagazine #thestreetphotogrphyhub #urbanstreetphotogallery #rawstreetphotogallery #eyephotomagazine #eyeshot_magazine #independentphoto #thestreethunters #timeless_streets #myfeatureshoot #friendsinstreets #streetsineurope #dreaminstreets #street_unseen #thestreephers #apfmagazine #spicollective #dpsp_street #life_is_street #soulofstreet #streetfinder #streetziers #spjstreets #streetizm #spi_light #myspc

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Kevin Kaergel is a photographer practicing his trade in Dusseldorf, Germany. His photographs mainly include shadow play, as he tries to capture those rare unique moments in the streets. One of the things that makes his photographs unique is his use of contrasts. Kevin Kaergel also uses perspective intelligently to aid in his storytelling photographs.


Heike Frielingsdorf


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Super happy and really honored that this picture – after being shown in Brussels – will also be part of THE ANNUAL WOMEN STREET PHOTOGRAPHERS EXHIBITION IN NEW YORK CITY!!! 🤸‍♀️ Much thanks to @womenstreetphotographers and @gulnara_nyc ❤️ and congrats to all finalists! . . Dusseldorf – July 2019 . #streetphotocolor #dusseldorf #candid #womeninstreet #womenstreetphotographers #MySPC #SPiCollective #ourstreets #gf_streets #fromstreetswithlove #burnmyeye #streetlife_award #capturestreets #life_is_street #thestreetphotographyhub #un_public #challangerstreets #streets_storytelling #lyrical_sp_19 #35mmstreetphotography #eyeshotmag #FriendsInStreets #photoobserve #nonstopstreet #fujix100f

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Heike Frielingsdorf was born in Paderborn, Germany in 1970. She worked as a teacher until 2000, before moving to Cologne where she made a switch to the film industry. She discovered that she had an interest in photography, which prompted her to take courses and start exploring this new-found interest. She decided to start a business and focus mainly on photography. She started with abstract compositions of deserted places created by humans. She would then gradually start to include people in her pictures, something she found quite fascinating. Frielingsdorf is mainly drawn to observing and immersing herself in her surrounding and capturing moments that appeal to her emotionally. Her images tell stories of peoples dreams, worries, longings and their reflections on life.


Felix Albrecht

Felix Albrecht was born in 1988 in Munich, Germany. His interest in photography started when he got his first SLR camera when only 15 years old. Since then, he has taken photography to his heart, with street and documentary photography especially being what he is most passionate about. He is always wandering the streets of Munich looking to capture those truly unique and candid moments of people as they go on with their daily lives. His photographs are renowned for their huge contrasts as he tries to make a statement of what he sees. One of the current works of my buddy Felix can be seen right now in Munich during the exhibition „Die Menschen der Münchner Tafel„.


Pau Buscató

Pau Buscató is a street photographer from Barcelona, but based in Oslo, Norway since 2009. He studied and worked as an architect, before quitting to take up street photography exclusively from 2014. His work is usually in full colour, as he aims to capture those moments that turn a normal scene to something special and unique. His work contains some sort of absurd realism, whereby he tries to blend real situations with mystical narratives. He is constantly looking for this friction to tell made-up stories that make his work even more interesting. His work contains aspects of playful imagination, witty visuals, and humour. Pau Buscató has travelled across various cities in the world such as New York, London and Barcelona among others looking for opportunities to take special and unique photographs.


Friedemann Pracht

Friedemann Pracht is from Munich, but currently based in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. In addition to street photography, he also does reportage photography. He especially likes to use lights and shadows, to show how they play together to create beauty and uniqueness. Most of his photos are in black and white.


Ralph Striewski


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Morning activity on the mercado de abastos en Oaxaca, Mexico! Love these fruit and vegetable markets! What a vibrant and honest live in comparison to the malls and Wallmarts of the world! #peopleofomexico . . . . . #streetsofoaxaca #streetsofmexico #mexicostreets #lovemexico #travelmexico #streetstories #storytelling #storyofthestreets #fromstreetswithlove #lifeisstreet #colorstreets #lhcrew #seventwentymagazine #streets_unseen #eyeshotmagazine #capturestreet #friendsinstreet #lumix #lumixgx9 #lhcrew #munichstreetcollective #spicollective #artgallery #fineartphoto #streetartdaily #artofphotography #everydaystreetlife #eyexplore #lifeisstreet #colorislife #streets_storytelling #everydaystreetlife

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Ralph Striewski is an airline pilot based in Munich. He considers himself a passionate street photographer who captures emotions on his many travels across the world. Ralph’s pictures are constantly asking those viewing them whether faces can tell about a particular society in a country. During his travels, Ralph tries to catch the characteristics of various cultures and people in the countries he visits. He perceives it from the point of a visitor, thus never getting deeply involved into the society of the places he visits. Most of his photographs are shot with a wide angle lens and in close up.


Edas Wong

Edas Wong lives and works in Hong Kong. Besides being a radio access expert, Wong also considers himself a passionate photographer. His name is constantly showing up in lists of finalists, and he even won the public prize in 2017 during the Brussels Street Photography. Edas Wong believes that we are surrounded by many surreal scenes around us, and we only need to observe, recognize, and capture them. Wong highly advocates for originality, and he strives for this in his work by trying to shoot what others cannot observe. A common trend in his work is the use of juxtapositions. This allows him to create connections that have not been thought of before. Wong claims that Picasso is his main inspiration, especially since he did not repeat himself in the pieces he produced. He is also inspired by magnum photographers.


Samuel Lintaro Hopf


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Kamakura, November 2019. I had 2 shots left on my film and the warm sunset light was so nice that I wanted to quickly go through it and switch to color film. Stepped down the stairs to the beach and saw these kids enjoying the sun behind me. Took 2 pictures and hoped it would still be a cool shot even though the mood of the color was lost. Well… It’s a good memory. – – – – #streetphotography #storyofthestreet #fromstreetswithlove #capturestreets #eyeshotmag #minoltacle #streetmagazine #35mm #streetsacademy #streets_storytelling #ilfordphoto #ilfordhp5 #minoltarokkor28mm #filmphotography #filmisnotdead #streetizm #lensonstreets #ourstreets #lensculture #ig_japan #lensculturestreets #wearethestreet #friendsinperson #hikaricreative #burnmagazine #shootfilm #shotonfilm #featureshoot #ig_street

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My mate Samuel Lintaro Hopf is a street photographer and filmmaker practicing his trade in Hamburg, Germany. He studied communication design and started out as a photojournalist after finishing school. He then transitioned to filmmaking, taking up the role as a director of photography. Hopf’s passion for street photography grew in 2013 when he got the Ricoh GR. His work centres on the chaotic and spontaneous scenes that he captures on the busy streets in the city. To share his love for photography, he even started the best Street Photography YouTube channel out there.


Jens Krauer

Jens Krauer is a street and documentary photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland. He is also an official Fujifilm X-Photographer. He realized late in 2012 that he had an avid passion for street photography. His background in painting and urban culture ties seamlessly in his photographs. He has trans-versed various cities in the world such as Hong Kong, Paris, Istanbul, New York, Kiev and many others looking for that decisive moment to capture the lives of everyday people and their cultures. His skills and experience over the years has seen his work exhibited in various parts of Europe and the US. He believes in sharing emotions, not pixels. He aims to capture candid moments and emotions in the streets. Most of his photographs are in black and white and mostly captures raw emotions that his subjects are going through.


Barry Talis


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Born in Bender, Moldova, Barry Talis currently lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. He mainly uses a flash to make documentary style shots in the orthodox religious streets of Tel Aviv. Barry Talis is a professional documentary video editor, which allows him to approach his work with framing in mind. His photographs also show his deep understanding of human behaviour and their situations. His has vast understanding of artificial and natural lights, which he uses creatively in his work. In addition, he also explores the realms of religion and human nature.


Jesse Marlow


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Melbourne, 2006

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Jesse Marlow is a documentary and street photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been prowling through the city he calls home, looking for those moments of beauty and spontaneity to capture. His works have been exhibited in various places in the world. He has also won a variety of awards, and published various books, with the „Don’t Just tell them, show them“ title being the most famous. One of the reasons Jesse Marlow attributes for his success in this field, was the requirement they had in photography school to go out on the streets and shoot candidly. He has continued to do so, and this is why his work show subjects exhibiting candid emotions. He has an unusual style of using film instead of digital cameras. He says that one of the reasons he works this way is the suspense created between shooting a seeing the results.


Roy Fochtman

Roy Fochtman was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, before moving to Köln, Germany in 2010 where he is currently based. He studied Media-Informatics, and even wrote a thesis on how film emulation software may be able to match the style of old films, and if photographers can distinguish between an emulated and real film photograph. Roy Fochtman uses both film and digital cameras for his street photography work. His interest for photography started in 2009, when he moved to Germany as part of a student exchange program. Armed with the knowledge that he can capture unique and spontaneous moments with camera, he began the journey of learning more about the camera. This passion of photography has led to him walking with his camera ready to capture genuine emotional moments, hard contrasts, interesting shapes and other peculiarities of this world. Roy also teaches photography and is always willing to share what he learns when capturing those unique moments.


Stefan Lauterbach

Stefan Lauterbach lives in Frankfurt, Germany, where he practices street photography. He is especially drawn by the allure of black and white photography. He wanders the streets of the city looking for those unique and genuine moments with an aim of telling a story. Lauterbach was into photography for many years, before giving a shot to street photography in 2017. He claims that this type of photography has grown to be a real passion for him. This has led him to take numerous workshops so he can grow. This is evident in the photographs he takes, with the pieces showing his subjects showing genuine emotional states.


Dirk Marwede

Dirk Marwede is photographer from Oldenburg, Germany. He has an interest in street, landscape and architectural photography. He is especially drawn to black and white photography. He uses lines in most of his photographs as a way to move the eye through the photo. He also uses perspective wisely to tell a story behind the image. His images are also strongly composed and have a rich contrast to them. This makes them look crisp and also to stand out.


Jeffrey De Keyser

Jeffrey De Keyser is a teacher of human science in Brussels, and lives in Ghent, Belgium. He also considers himself as a passionate street photographer, an avenue he claims helps him exploring the society and the human mind, his also include. He sees photography as a way of embracing, yet escaping the now, all at the same time. Keyser believes that street photography is an existential experience, since it involves looking for connections and relationships between human and urban elements. Photography also allows him to use the tools of composition, light and colour to perceive and understand reality. He uses his photographs as a way of showing the conflict of how humans seek the meaning and purpose of life, and their inability to find any.



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  1. Thank’s a lot for your excellent work on this website and for listing me within the 25 street photographers for the next decade! I’m honored!! Your articles and images are a real inspiration! Looking forward to rock the next decade on the streets! Cheers, Ralph Striewski

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