Your Street Photography Workshop Guide to Melbourne

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Melbourne is a beautiful city with friendly diverse people.

Your Street Photography Workshop Guide to Melbourne

Melbourne is full of fascinating locations where you can improve your street photography skills. I have listed some of the city´s best place for you.


The best locations for Street Photography


Federation Square

As there is always a lot going on there, Federation Square is a great place for all street photographers. It is a very popular meeting point with lots of galleries, sights, restaurants and bars. Moreover, many different festivals, markets and sport events take place on Federation Square as well.


Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane is a well-known spot for street art and a public street that is open during the day as well as at night. Artists from all around the world have created graffitis here and therefore the city council declared it a “graffiti tolerance zone”.


Queen Victoria Market

Markets are always good places for street photographers as the light and the vegetable and fruit stalls in the background can produce really interesting results. The market is the heart and soul of the city where you will experience fantastic moments in the iconic food halls. Queen Victoria Market opens on five days a week and on Sunday you can also enjoy the carnival atmosphere there, as the people are delighted by various entertainers.


Flinders Street Station

The station was opened in 1854 and is used by more than 100,000 people every day. So photographers will be able to catch a lot of fascinating moments there. It is the oldest train station that can be found in Australia and a city icon because of its green copper dome and its yellow facade.



Footscray is a multi-cultural suburb with a lot of diversity and soul. Therefore the special atmosphere makes taking photos there a real treat. In the suburb you will experience the international cultures and the growing art scene. Have a look at Footscray Market and Little Saigon Market as well where you will definitely have the chance to take Street Photos.


Centre Place

This is a very busy place with a lot of cafés, restaurants and street art. The fascinating bohemian arcade has a lot of vibe and personality which attracts many artists too, who decorate the laneways with their street art and stencil graffiti.


Tattersolls Lane

Tattersolls Lane is a narrow alleyway with old buildings and has got a special atmosphere by night.


Meyers Place

Here photographers will find a lot of bars where music gigs or exhibitions take place as well.


Interesting Street Photography from Melbourne on Flickr:




The best photo galleries for Street Photographers

Melbourne´s art and photography scene also attracts a lot of visitors. The city is home to numerous galleries and exhibitions are also organized by different public and private groups.


Centre for Contemporary Photography

The CCP was founded in the mid 80s as a non-profit resource and exhibition centre. Within the building visitors can find five spaces and at night works from established and emerging photographers are displayed in the Night Projection Window. The programme of the CCP includes curated, group and individual exhibitions which represent interstate, local as well as international photography.

404 George St, Fitzray 3065


Magnet Galleries

Magnet Magnet Galleries Melbourne Inc. wants to celebrate and preserve Australia´s best photographers and has permanent as well as temporary exhibitions, a bookshop, a library and a coffee shop. Its collection also includes more than 20,000 images of Neil McLeod and the Albert Brown collection of the 1950s as well as the 1960s.

Level 2, 640 Bourke St, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000



Eleven40 is a well-known photography gallery in the city which represents different photographic artists. Moreover, Eleven40 has best photography equipment which can be rented for interstate or international productions.

1140 Malvern Road, Malvern, VIC 3144


Edmund Pearce Gallery

This gallery is dedicated to the appreciation and understanding of photography and is specialized in photo media only.

Level 2, Nicholas Building
37 Swanston Street
Melbourne Victoria 3000


The Fox Gallery

The Fox Gallery opened in 2016 an is a place for established and emerging photographers. Exhibitions range from travel photography to photo documentaries as well as alternative methods.

10 Elizabeth St
Kensington, Victoria 3031


Street Photography Workshops and Courses in Melbourne

A really good opportunity to improve your Street Photography skills is attending a workshop or a course in Melbourne in order to capture extraordinary moments and become more confident in taking photos.


Street Photography Workshop with Eric Kim

Eric Kim sometimes offers a workshop in Melbourne with the title “Conquer Your Fears in Street Photography”. In two days you will learn how to take compelling photos, the basics of Street Photography and how to capture “the decisive moment”. The workshop is well suited for beginners as well as intermediate street photographers.


Street Photography Workshop – Red Balloon

In this 5-hour workshop you will have the opportunity to photograph laneways, local residents or antique shops and learn street strategies as well as how to develop techniques. Another focus will be on composition and the use of light.


Monthly Melbourne Photo Walk

The Digital Camera Warehouse offers a monthly Melbourne Photo Walk for free. During this walk you can learn in a group of like minded photographers and have the possibility to develop your photography skills.


Melbourne Photography Workshop

Via Photography Travel you have got the opportunity to book a 3-hour Melbourne Photography Workshop in which you learn how to shoot in manual modes in different laneways or how to achieve great or shallow depth. The workshop takes place every first Saturday and is well-suited for beginners.


Street Photography Courses in Melbourne

Street Photography Course: Melbourne Weekend

The University of Sydney offers a Street Photography course which will focus on the back lanes of the city famous for funky bars, cafés, street art and galleries. The aims of the course are to capture emotional images, to learn more about shooting at night and to get more confident when shooting strangers.

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