Your Street Photography Workshop Guide to Sydney

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Sydney is famous for its unique light.

Your Street Photography Workshop Guide to Sydney


Street Photography in Sydney: The best places to hit the streets

Sydney is a really fascinating city with a lot of spots for Street Photographers. Here is a selection of really good places where you will definitely get a lot of inspiration for your photos.


The best locations for Street Photographers


Circular Quay

Circular Quay is a ferry terminal and a very busy place. It connects visitors to a lot of famous attractions and is therefore a really vibrant location.



Newton is a very unconventional and colourful suburb with a lot of restaurants, shops and pubs. Here you will find a mix of artists, locals and university students.



Erskineville is also a fantastic area for Street Photographers where you will find a lot of cozy restaurants and cafés and a number of back streets with adorable homes or miners´ cottages which give the suburb a special atmosphere.


Hyde Park

This is a well-known park in the heart of the city with plenty of benches and several monuments. Moreover, a lot of special events or parties take place in Hyde Park throughout the year.


Oxford Street

This is the city´s most famous shopping street where you will of course find a lot of inspiration for your photos. The main street is surrounded by Oxford Street Village with many cultural institutions, terrace houses and famous retailers.


King Street Village

This area is a melting pot of different cultures and therefore very diverse. Here you will meet young families, hippies, students as well as greenies or goths.



The best photo galleries for Street Photographers

If you are in Sydney, you should also have a look at some photo galleries in order to get an insight into what´s happening in Australia´s photography scene.


Australian Centre for Photography

The centre is Australia´s leading organisation for photography. It has four gallery spaces and also offers a year-round program of workshops, courses, events or talks.

Address: 257 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2012


Stills Gallery

Stills Gallery focuses on contemporary photography as well as on multimedia art. It was opened in 1991 in a converted warehouse, has got a very large exhibition space and represents established and emerging artists.

Address: 36 Gosbell Street, Paddington NSW 2012


Art Gallery of New South Wales

The Art Gallery has got a great photography collection including postwar and modernism photodocumentary, Australian pictorialism as well as contemporary photography. In the collection there are more than 4500 photographs which represent the diversity of this medium.

Address: Art Gallery Rd, The Domain 2000


Black Eye Gallery

This gallery focuses on contemporary photography and represents established as well as emerging artists from Australia but also from other countries.

Address: 3/138 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst

Examples for great Street Photography from Sydney on Flickr:



Walking through the light


Street Photography Workshops and Courses in Sydney

Sydney is a really vibrant city with lots of iconic places and streets where you meet a diversity of people. Therefore it is perfect for Street Photography too. If you want to improve your skills within this genre, a workshop or a course could be the right thing for you.


Street Photography Workshops in Sydney:


Eric Kim Photography

The american photographer Eric Kim sometimes offers a two-days Street Photography Workshop in Sydney in which you have the opportunity to learn the basics of Street Photography and get contructive criticism as well. This is a good way to improve your photography techniques and meet other enthusiastic photographers as well.


The Aperture Club

The two professional photographers Shane and Sharon offer a Sydney Street Photography Adventure whicht takes the participants to St. Andrews Square and Town Hall in order to capture locals as well as interesting travellers. Moreover, you learn how to see interesting details and how to create compelling images.


Red Balloon – Street Photography Workshop

Via Red Balloon you can book a Street Photography Workshop in which you will have the possibility to explore Newton and learn from a professional photographer how to use the light correctly, how to compose your photos and which techniques are best suited for this genre.


Street Photography Workshop with Valerie Jardin

The popular photographer Valerie Jardin also offers workshops in Sydney in which participants can advance their techniques so that they will be able to tell a story in frame.


Private Street Art and Laneways Photography Walking Tour

This is a private workshop in which you can explore the local streets in Sydney together with a professional photographer. The personal walk is aimed at explorers, travelers and beginners and focuses on controllin the light, ISO, aperture and shutter speed.


Sydney Street Photography Adventure

Via OZTourGuide you can also book a Street Photography Workshop in order to discover the best places and the diversity of people. The workshop lasts two hours an is aimed at people with basic photography skills. Participants learn to see interesting details and how to create good images. Another part of the workshop deals with street awareness and approaching people.



Street Photography Courses in Sydney:


The Arts of Street Photography

Photoaccess offers a weekend course with the title “The Art of Street Photography” in which the documentary photographer Belinda Pratten will teach the participants how to make great photos on the street. The workshop is for people who have basic camera skills and it includes two review sessions as well.


Street Photography Course at the University of Sydney

The University of Sydney offers a weekend course in Street Photography in which different styles will be discussed. Moreover, participants learn various stylistic techniques so that they are able to establish a clear direction and be able to analyse their work as well.


Street and Documentary Photography

A Street and Documentary Photography course can also be attended at the Sydney Community College. This course consists of five sessions and includes practical techniques for people who are interested in Street and Documentary Photography. Participants learn how to approach people, how to work with light or how to compose images.


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