Your Street Photography Workshop Guide to Manchester

Manchester Street Photography workshops
Not as famous like London, but also a great british city to hit the streets.

Manchester is an exciting metropolis of Europe and therefore an ideal city for Street Photography. It has a diversity of unique districts, each with their own atmosphere, colourful characters, a rich food culture and impressive architecture for the background of the photographs. This diversity of places, people and culture offers enough material for a whole Street Photography gallery.


Street Photography in Manchester: The best places to hit the streets


China Town

Manchester’s China Town holds one of the largest chinese communities in Britain. The colorful restaurants, shops and the richly decorated gateways are the perfect background for Street Photography. The interesting mixture between tourists and british and chinese locals on the streets makes for authentic, fascinating Photographs. China Town is located in the city centre. The closest Metrolink stations are Piccadilly Gardens and St. Peter’s Square Tram Stop.


Victoria Station

Manchester has two train stations: Piccadilly and Victoria. Victoria is the smaller station, but it is the perfect spot for Street Photography. Its modern glass roof is an ideal background for the photographs and the busy crowds, especially during rush hour times, offer great objects for Street Photography. Victoria Station is located in the north of the city centre, close to the cathedral, the River Irwell and the city border to Salford. You can take the metro directly to Victoria Station.


The Northern Quarter

The once bohemian area of Manchester has been discovered by the hordes in the last couple of years. There are still independent bars and pubs, which are not mainstream and therefore offer the ideal background for Street Photography, especially in the evening. The Mint Lounge, Soup Kitchen and Hula are a couple of those individual bars with a more relaxed vibe.

If you want to take photographs in the northern quarter, you can wander around Tib Street and Oldham Street, but also take the High Street and Thomas Street Crossroads. The northern quarter is so popular with Street Photographers that a lot of Street Photography Workshops Manchester use it as their main location.


The Gay Village

Manchester’s famous ‘village’ is located around Canal Street. During the daytime a lot of tourists from all over the world fill the street, at night, you will find more locals crowding the bars. The village is an ideal spot for Street Photography because of the colorful characters who come here. The bars and restaurants, the canal, the lights in the trees and the graffiti add to the unique atmosphere of the village. If you come from the north, you reach Canal Street by Minshull Street, in the south you find it by following Princess Street.


Some samples of exciting Street Photos from Manchester on Flickr:

Manchester Street Photography




The best photo galleries for Street Photographers



Greater Manchester County Record Office

The Greater Manchester County Record Office have two photographic collections, which are not directly Street Photography, but include images which can be considered as Street Photography. You can use them as inspiration to prepare for your Street Photography Course Manchester.

The first collection is the Manchester Local Image Collection, which has over 80.000 images of historical Manchester, including photographs which would be considered as Street Photography today. They paint an authentic picture of Manchester’s history of the last 100 years. The photographs show all aspects of life, from its people and streets to transport systems, religious affairs, work and the everyday life.

The second photographic collection of the Greater Manchester County Record Office is the Documentary Photography Archive, which includes over 100.000 photographs from 1840 up until today. This collection features schools, workplaces and the streets of Manchester with its every day life. Therefore the images can be considered as Street Photography as well, although the name was not coined back when the photographs were taken.

Photographs from both collections can be digitalized and purchased online. The photographs give you an insight into Manchester’s history and development. Furthermore, they can serve as inspiration for your own creative work. You can for example choose your favourite historical image and take your own photograph at the same spot as a comparison-and-contrast.


Street Photography Workshops and courses in Manchester


Keith Moss

Street Photographer Keith Moss offers a one day Street Photography Workshop in Manchester. The workshop will focus on the Northern Quarter with its alternative and bohemian scene. While you will receive some input on Street Photography techniques, Keith will focus on showing you your individual strength and help you find your personal creative style. The workshop teaches you to approach the people on the street, to connect with them and put them at ease for the photographs. The focus lies on the practical, not the technical aspects of Street Photography. The philosophy of this course is that good Street Photography consists of 25% photographic skills and 75% people skills. The workshop lasts one day, from 10am to 5pm and the meeting place is The Koffee Pot 84-86 Oldham Street, Manchester, M4 1LE.


Courses at Calumet Academy

The Street Photography Workshop Manchester offered by the Calumet Academy is suitable for both amateur and professional photographers. You should be familiar with your camera to fully enjoy the experience, though. The course is taught by Matt Hart, a Street Photographer from Liverpool. The workshop’s aim is to teach you to anticipate and capture the ideal moments on your photographs.

The ethics and laws of Street Photography will also be discussed over the day. In the workshop you will learn how to set the scene, blend in and become invisible and what is important concerning the light, scenes and characters. The workshop is divided up into discussions, practical exercises and feedback on your work. The one-day workshop starts at 9:30am and finishes at 3:30pm.


Street Photography Workshop Manchester by the Street Snappers

The Street Snappers offer workshops in Street Photography in London, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol and also in Manchester. The workshop is a pragmatic, intensive course with some technical introductions, but no endless discussions about gear and settings. It teaches you to think of themes and projects for your Street Photography, develop the street photographer’s eye, approach pedestrians and how to become invisible to shoot your environment unobtrusively.

In addition to the practical experience of the course you will also learn about the legal aspects of Street Photography and the different categories and sub-genres of Street Photography. The workshop consists of a maximum of six participants who have a mixed level of experience, so you don’t have to worry about fitting in. The next dates for the Street Photography Workshop in Manchester are not on the website yet, but will come up soon.


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