Your Street Photography Workshop Guide to Istanbul

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Istanbul is a magical city between two continents.

Your Street Photography Workshop Guide to Istanbul

Istanbul is full of amazing places which are very well suited for Street Photography. The city offers chaotic streets in which you can experience the great variety of people living there. Here are some really interesting spots where you can capture the fascinating diversity of the city.


The best spots for Street Photography in Istanbul


Taksim Square

Taksim Square is full of action. Here you can find the metro station and a large pedestrian street as well as the Republic Monument where a lot of people hang out. Perfect spot for Street Photography.


Gezi Park

Gezi Park is an area where people like to relax and it is also well known for the Gezi protests.


Istiklal Street

Istiklal Street is a very busy and long pedestrian street full of shops, cafés and restaurants. No matter if you go there during the day or at night, there is always a lot going on there. However, it can be difficult to take photos because the street is so packed with people.

Important: Beware of the “bar scam”. If somebody wants to go with you for a drink, kindly say “no”.


Galata Bridge and Eminonu

Another good spot for Street Photography is the area around Eminonu and Galata Bridge. Here people catch the ferry or enjoy the beautiful view of the city line and the sea.


Bazaars and New Mosque

The places in front of the New Mosque are also great for taking photos because the light is really beautiful. The Bazaars are normally very crowded, but if you like that it could be an intersting location as well.



Balat is an area which is not packed with tourists and from there you can also walk along the Golden Horn in order to take great pictures.



Bebek is a very chic and trendy area where you can see a beautiful park, expensive yachts and a great variety of restaurants and cafés. It´s a wealthy area, so you will probably meet a lot of dressed up people there.



Kadikoy can be found on the Asian side of Istanbul. You can either explore the busy streets or go along Moda´s waterfront where you will find a green park in which a lot of young people like to hang out.

A few street photos by me on Flickr:

Istanbul Street Photography

Istanbul Street Photography

Istanbul Street Photography


The best galleries and museums (not only) for Street Photographers

Istanbul also has some spectacular photography galleries where regular exhibitions take place which Street Photographers shouldn´t miss.


The Photographers´ Gallery

This gallery presents different genres ranging from documentary to experimental photography. Alongside the exhibitions it also offers a good selection of photography books.

Katip Celebi Mahallesi
Tel Sokak No. 8/2


Istanbul Photography Museum

The museum was opened in 2011 and mainly supports Turkish photography. It displays artistic as well as documentary photography and also introduces fresh talents.

Sehsuvar Bey Mah. Kadinga Liman Cad.
No:60 Kadinga – Fatih


Istanbul Modern Museum

The Istanbul Modern Museum not only presents contemporary art but also has a photgraphy gallery in which rotating exhibitions take place.

Meclisi Mebusan Caddesi
Liman Sahasi 4 Nolu Antrepo
Karaköy, Beyoglu


Street Photography Workshops and Courses in Istanbul

If you are interested in improving your Street Photography techniques a workshop or a course in Istanbul would be a great opportunity. Moreover, you can also discover hidden places and get tips from professionals.


Street Photography Workshops in Istanbul

Orient Exposures

Eniy Yücel offers a daily 5-hour street photo session workshop in which you have the possibility to walk around in the narrow streets of the city and learn how to find the right subject, how to catch the best light and how to time perfect shots.


Istanbul Street Photography

The Turkish photographer Ozgur Baykal makes workshops for 1 to 3 persons which are 2 to 5 days long. In his workshops participants stroll around different places and get immediate help in order to create compelling photos. You get tricks and tips from the photographer and learn how to interact with your subjects.



Via E-Turkey you can also book half day Street Photography Tours in which you get to know the photogenic side of the city. You work together with professional photographers and can discover the special quality of light and get a lot of helpful tips as well.


Istanbul Tour Studio

Istanbul Tour Studio offers a Street Photography Walk in the city which starts from Istiklal Avenue and goes down to Galata Tower. The tour has a duration of five hours and starts with an introduction to basic photography. Therefore it is well suited for beginners as well who get helpful tips from expert photographers.


Street Photography Workshops with Engin Güneysu

Engin Güneysu is a freelance photographer for different magazines bus also offers Street Photography workshops in Istanbul. If you are interested you can contact him via his Website.


Istanbul Street Photography Tour

Via Like a Local Guide you can book a 5-hour Street Photography Tour through the vibrant and colourful city. Together with your own private guide you will have the possibility to explore the historical districts and enjoy the great views of the Golden Horn as well.


Street Photography Courses in Istanbul

Overgaard Photography

The photographer Thorsten Overgaard offers a four-day photo course in Istanbul which is limited to 10 participants. In this course you learn how to use your camera correctly so that you reach an advanced level after you have completed the course.


Photography Journey with Peter Sanders

An extraordinary experience is the 6-day journey “Art of Seeing Istanbul: The Majestic City” with the popular photographer Peter Sanders. Under his guidance participants will take photos from the city from different locations and will have the possibility to discover hidden gems. The whole program consists of three classes and covers topics like light and shadow, understanding colour or tuning into the moment.


Istanbul Design Center

The Istanbul Design Center also offers photography workshops which are well suited for beginners. The workshop lasts 18 hours and includes the training of practical and technical skills as well as photo-composition.


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