Your Street Photography Workshop Guide to Bangkok

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During Songkran, the traditional water festival, you have great Street Photography opportunities.

Your Street Photography Workshop Guide to Bangkok

Bangkok is a city with fantastic places for Street Photographers where they have the opportunity to capture extraordinary moments and the busy street life. Here are some suggestions for great spots which are suited for professional and amateur photographers as well.


Great variety of places for Street Photography



This is a night bazaar on the riverfront where you can find more than 40 restaurants and 1,500 boutiques. As there is always a lot going on there, you will definitely find a lot of amazing photography opportunities.


Street Stalls

Bangkok is full of colourful street food stalls which are best suited for creative images. Here you can capture the bustling, the people as well as the cultural environment.


Yaowarat Road or Chinatown

This is another area where you will be able to experience the rich and vibrant Thai-Chinese culture. After sunset the streets are brightly lit and there are a lot of glimmering gold shops and wooden shop houses.


Chatuchak Weekend Market

A great place for Street Photography is also the Chatuchak Weekend Market which is the largest weekend market that can be found in the world. There are about 15,000 shopping booths and you will for sure be able to take snapshots of locals, foreigners or tourists.


Lumphini Park

Lumphini Park is a public park with artificial lakes, statues, animals and great opportunities to watch people.


Damhoen Sadwak Floating Market

If you are interested in water life scenes you should visit the famous floating markets and take photos of the merchants in canoes and dive into the fun, the business as well as the vibrant colours.


Bangkok Flower Market – Pak Klang Talad

This is Bangkok´s largest flower market where you can take colourful photos. The market is open for 24 hours and the busiest hours are after midnight.


Khoo San Road

Here you will find a lot of backpackers and tourists enjoying the nightlife. In this road you will come across a lot of colourful corners and pulsating clubs.

Night markets in Bangkok are great places for Photography.
Markets in Bangkok are great places for Photography.


The best photo galleries for Street Photographers

Bangkok also has a great variety of different galleries which are definitely worth a visit. Here is a selection of galleries that can be highly recommended to all Street Photographers.


The Art Center

The art gallery of Chulalongkorn University not only promotes paintings and sculptures from students but also photography and experimental multi-disciplinary forms. From time to time also art discussion forums, film screenings or music performances take place there.

Address: 7/F Office of Academic Resources
Chulalongkorn University
Phyathai Rd., 022182965


Cho Why

This gallery can be found in the old town and it is a multi-floored art space which presents photography exhibitions as well as documentary screenings.

Address: 17 Soi Nana
Charoenkrung Rd.
MRT Hua Lamphong


The Ferry Gallery

This is a very extraordinary initiative as exhibitions are presented on four ferries which are privately owned and operate on the Chao Phraya River. Previous exhibitions, for example, included photography projects by Thai and foreign artists.

Address: Tha Tien Pier
Maha Rat Rd.
Phra Nakarn


Kathmandu Photo Gallery

This is a two-floor gallery with an exhibition space, a lounge area and a book store. The photo gallery focuses on Thai society´s urbanization and transformation and has the aim to preserve Thai photography of forgotten masters.

Address: 87 Pan Rd.
BTS Surasak


RMA Institute

The RMA Institute is well-known for its very cozy art-space and its unique photography exhibitions. Moreover, it also hosts film screenings, art workshops or artist talks.

Address: 238 Sukhumvit Soi 22


Street Photography Workshops and Courses in Bangkok

Street Photography is one of the most difficult genres in photography because you can´t control your environment. If you want to improve your Street Photography skills, a workshop or a course in Bangkok might be a good opportunity for you.


Street Photography Workshops in Bangkok


Learn the art of Street Photography

The travel photographer Gavin Gough offers a 4-hours workshop for photographers of all levels. During this workshop you will have the possibility to take photos at Bangkok´s vibrant street markets and build a structured approach to this genre.


Bangkok Photo Walk

Throughout the year different Street Photographers from Bangkok meet for free Photo Walks. These walks are open to everyone who is interested in exchanging ideas, sharing experiences or learning more about Street Photography.


Discover Bangkok with a camera

With AsiaPhoto instructors you have also got the opportunity to discover new ways of how to compose better photos. The workshop lasts four hours and focuses on camera techniques and tips and offers an approach to Street Photography and how it is possible to capture decisive moments in the busy streets of Bangkok. The workshop can be booked as a one-to-one personalized class but also in small groups.


Photography Workshop with Thorsten Overgaard

The danish photographer Thorsten Overgaard offers a workshop in Bangkok which is limited to 10 participants and focuses on bringing people up to an advanced level of photography. In the workshop Thorsten Overgaard will deal with Street Photography, people, cityscapes, composition, timing, the messages in photos, colour management as well as how to handle people.


Street Photography Courses in Bangkok


Beginner´s Package

The Bangkok Photo School offers a weekly evening class that includes a field-trip as well. Participants start with the basics including lessons on ISO, Apertures, Speeds and so on, the learned things can then be put into practice during a tutor-led field-trip to a photogenic part of the city with exercises on storytelling.


Storytelling Course in Bangkok

The Magnum Photographers David Alan Harvey and Jacob Aue Sobol offer a course in Bangkok in order to develop your storytelling skills. The course lasts for seven days and is aimed at photographers who are interested in storytelling and narrative and includes shooting, editing sessions, reviews and group critiques. The highlight of the course will be a workshop projection, a public event which will take place on the rooftop of the Dream Hotel.


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