These 25 outstanding photographers will rock the Street Photography world in 2017

Do you need inspiration for the Street Photography year 2017? Here are 25 well-known and aspiring Street Photographers (not in a certain order) from around the world that will help you to improve your own style in photography:

1. Boris de Flash

Ohne TitelMoldovan born Boris de Flash is a contributor to the „Full Frontal Flash Collective“, a group dedicated to flash street photography. For his work, he relies on a variety of techniques, ranging from monochrome to highly saturated colors. His signature style, however, is flash street photography. His shots are often overexposed, sometimes downright blurry, and always outstanding. He is focused solely on portraits.




2. Ying Tang

Ein von Ying (@yingshanghai) gepostetes Foto am

Ying Tang is wildly known for her documentary, often right out provocative style of photography. Unlike many colleagues, she has never taken a high road to happiness – her pictures are meant to bewilder, unsettle, sometimes even disturb the viewer. Recurring themes in her work are animals, cities, people, and a wide range of emotions, mostly sadness, loneliness, and despair. Originally from Shanghai, China, Ying Tang now resides in Germany where she works as a freelance photographer. Her photographs are done in both monochrome and colour.




3. Sebastian Jacobitz

Sebastian Jacobitz – born and raised in Germany – is a 27-year-old street photographer. His signature style is gritty and dark, mainly focussing on contrasts. Sebastian’s photos often hold a certain kind of subtle melancholy, as he prefers to display emotions and the interaction between people. As a resident of Berlin, he has done quite a few series of his hometome. His shots are typically done in black and white, colour photography being the exception. He also runs a very succesful Street Photography Blog,




4. Yannis Bautrait

Yannis Bautrait is a native of France. His take on street photography is to capture the true essence of life: All its light and darkness, both happy and sad moments, and all the funny and strange places he comes across. Therefore his shots display a great variety of people, moods, and themes. His photographs are done in both monochrome and colour, depending on the mood he is currently in. It is quite often that he starts out shooting in colour, only to turn his pictures into B&W, eventually.




5. Go Muroiwa

Go Muroiwa is a habitant of Nice, France. She has specialized in adult portrait photography, usually done in monochrome. Her signature style are gloomy, melancholic photographs that primarily display the elderly, men and women alike. Her work is often perceived as being highly unsettling, mostly because she concentrates on marginalized people: The homeless, the sick, and the forgotten.




6. Chris Candid

Christian Schirrmacher aka Chris Candid, both resides and works in Berlin, Germany. His shots are meant to show the world as he perceives it – therefore most photographs display ordinary people engaging in ordinary activities. Eating and drinking is a recurring theme for Chris, as is the public transport system. His shots are done in both monochrome and colour.




7. Steven Gonzalez

Steven Gonzalez was born and raised in Brooklyn, United States of America. As a genuine New Yorker, he aspires to include the spirit of The Big Apple in every picture taken. His works primarily focuses on those who go by unnoticed in everday life: Homeless people, street artists, and the elderly. He often includes abstract designs to create a whole new perspective, thereby changing the way you might look at his picture. His work is done in both monochrome and colour.




8. Taras Bychko

Taras Bychko is a native of Ukraine. His approach to street photography is quite bold and unusual, as he likes to experiement with colours, contrasts, and exposure times. Recurring themes are portraits and buildings, often involving staircases. Taras Bychko recently finished a project called „365 – Light And Shadow“, a year’s worth of taking pictures in various conditions of illumination.





9. Martin U. Waltz

Martin U. Waltz is originally from Berlin, Germany. He is an acclaimed street photographer who usually shoots in monochrome. Martin U. Waltz primarily focuses on illuminating the contrast between the human shape and the structure of the city. His signature style is gritty, dark, and full of contrasts. His work is often perceived as being melancholic and poetic, yet analytical.




10. Chulsu Kim

Chulsu Kim was born and raised in Japan, but is of Korean descendant. His photographs are meant to capture the essence of everday life on the streets, both good and bad. His use of various exposure times and shutter speeds add a unique twist to his photos: Blurry, ghost-like shapes of people result in an outstanding approach to street photography. Depending on the setting, he switches from monochrome to colour and vice versa.




11. Roland Groebe

Roland Groebe resides in Berlin, Germany. He specialized in street photography, primarily focussing on the relationship between people, the city, disposed goods, and street signs. His shots are meant to connect the dots: What is the underlying code of interaction, how do we communicate with the world that surrounds us, both openly and subconsciously? Roland Groebe often summarises his work under a common theme, e. g. tattoes, faces, or street. He uses both monochromatic and colour photography.




12. Alexandre Fedi

French born Alexandre Fedi relies on high contrast images in monochrome or color. His speciality are street photography and urban landscapes, both resulting from a unique source of light. His photographs display bold texture, various shapes, and skillfully combined areas of light and shadow. Depending on the nature of the contrast and Fendi’s individual approach, his shots may either cause harmony, tension, or even both.




13. Chris Retro

Chris Retro is a former DJ, now street photographer currently living in Berlin, Germany. Light and athmosphere are crucial to his work, as he often relies on light-shadow-relations and reflections. Depending on the theme chosen, his uses monochrome, colour or colourkey photography. His recent projects include an „Extreme Snow Street Shot“ in Russia.




14. Ilan Ben Yehuda

Ilan Ben Yehuda was born in Ramat-Gan, Israel, and currently resides in Tel Aviv where he does most of his work. He is wildly known for his highly emotional and often tremendously sad portraits, as his photographs focus on society’s outcasts: Homeless people, refugees, and drug addicts. Ilan Ben Yehuda shots are usually done in monochrome.




15. Linda Wisdom

Linda Wisdom is a street photographer from Great Britain, specialized in social documentary. Roaming the streets of London, she is always on the hunt to reveal hidden truth and underlying beauty. Her photographs capture people during everyday moments, but emphasize on the stories behind. Most of her work is done in monochrome, although she sometimes uses certain colours to create an emotional impact.




16. Des Byrne

Ohne Titel
Des Byrne was born in Dublin, Ireland. His portfolio focuses on candid pictures of everyday people, often combined with seaside landscapes. He shoots in both monochrome and colour. Des Byrne is the administrator of „Black and White Streetphotography“  the founder of the „Irish Street Photography Group“. In 2016, he was named one of the most influential street photographer according to



17. F. D. Walker

F. D. Walker was born in Montana and raised in Oregon (United States of America), but is currently residing in Vietnam. His pictures combine his interest in street photography and his love for travelling, therefore his portfolio includes a huge variety of different cities, countries, and people. He usually relies on colour photography and candid shots. F. D. Walker is the founder of Shooter Files.



18. Damon Jah

Damon Jah was born in Hamburg, Germany. His photographs – usually taken in monochrome – display an effective combination of light and shadow, thus resulting in very high contrast. His signature style is quite harsh and gritty, but not necessarily on the sad side. He often uses geometric forms and lines to emphasize the movement of people.




19. Hans Severin

Hans Severin was born, raised, and still lives in Hannover, Germany. His likes to actively integrate the background into his photos, thus creating a bizarre contrast between actual people and the objects on promotional posters. Most of his work is done using monochrome photography, colour or colourkey is the exception. In 2016, he received an honorable mention in „Monochrome Awards“, subcategory „Amateur“.





20. Tatsuo Suzuki

Tatsuo Suzuki is a Japanese street photographer, born, raised and still living in Tokyo. His photos are usually taken in monochrome and either focus on people or on the use of technology, mostly cell phones. His use of long exposure helps displaying the excitement, rush, and energy of Tokyo: People are always on the run, thus often appear blurry in Suzuki’s pictures.




21. Rinzi Roco Ruiz

Ein von rinzizen (@rinzizen) gepostetes Foto am

American born Rinzi Roco Ruiz currently resides in Los Angeles, United States of America. He is specialized in both monochrome and colour photography, mostly aiming at portraits and head shots. Moreover, Rinzi Roco Ruiz has mastered the art of „iPhonography“: Taking professionally looking pictures with a simple iPhone. His portfolio includes everyday people, authorities (e. g. police officers), and outcasts. Controversial photography and unique perspectives are typical for the work of Rinzi Roco Ruiz.




22. Torsten Köster

Torsten Köster was born, raised, and still lives in Stuttgart, Germany. Contrary to most of his colleagues, Köster does not primarily focus on people – his approach is to create a well balanced synergy between people and their environment. Ordinary places and plain objects are exactly the kind of hidden gems Torsten Köster is looking for in a city. His photography is remarkable colourful, often uplifting and filled with humour.




23. Arek Rataj

Arek Rataj is a Polish journalist, educator, and street photographer. His works displays a huge range of variety: Unusual head shots in monochrome, colourful portaits, reflections, and surreal compositions of actual people and photoshopped animals. In 2016, Arek Rataj was the winner of both the „6th Leica Street Photo Contest“ and the „LensCulture Street Photography Award“.




24. Mirko Saviane

Mirko Saviane is an Italian street photographer who currently resides in Venice, Italy. To blend in the crowd and obtain solely candid shots, he nowadays relies on his smartphone instead of high-end camera gear. The majority of his pictures is vivid and colourful, with the occasional black and white photography thrown in. His signature style are the multicoloured houses of Venice, each and every one of them as picturesque as you can imagine it.




25. Paul Carmody

Paul Carmody resides in County Durham, Great Britain, where he was born. He juggles a double life – working as an IT consultant by day, and roaming the street of North England by night. Contrary to most street photographers, Carmody only captures certain aspects of people – e. g., their hands, their feet, or their backs. By his a creative usage of light and shadow, he is able to illuminate exactly what he finds the most interesting. His work is done in monochrome. Paul Carmody also runs an internet publication entitled „Words On The Street“.




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