The 7 most important Street Photography Events you should join in 2018

Every photographer who is interested in street photography should look into the following events and festivals around the world. Street photography festivals provide the perfect opportunity to get inspired, to look into the new trends of this genre and to meet other street photographers and exchange ideas with them. These are my recommendations for you for the year 2018:


London Photo Festival 2018

The London Photo Festival in 2018 takes place from the 17-19 May and welcomes photographers from all over the world. To book and pay for the space, simply visit the London Photo Festival website.

The London Photo Festival is an opportunity for street photographers to display their photographs and maybe even win one of the titles „Best in show“ or the public’s vote. Photographers can also sell their work at the festival. If you simply want to visit the Festival without displaying your own work, you can do so on Friday, 18 may, at the so called „Click’n Clique“. Even if you cannot make it in person to London, you can submit your photographs and have them displayed in the gallery.

If you are interested in the London Photo Festival 2018 and have more questions, simply visit the FAQ section of the website.


Luxembourg Street Photography Festival

The Luxembourg Street Photography Festival takes place on the 21 April 2018 at the Place des Rotondes. Photographers can participate in the exhibitions and contests. Further information will soon be given on the website of the Festival and on their facebook and instagram pages (links below). Apart from the exhibitions and contests the festival offers food in form of a Foodtruck with excellent Burgers and French Fries. Cars can be parked at the Parking Rocade and the Parking Neipperg.

If you are interested in displaying your photographs or simply want to visit the Luxembourg Street Photography Festival, click on the following links for more information:


Photofeel Street Photography Festival Paris

The Photofeel Street Photography Festival Paris takes place from the 29 June till the 1st July 2018 and from the 29 June until the 26 August 2018 around the Place du 8 Mai Fontaine. There will be open air exhibitions of photographs and speeches by the guests of honor. The Photofeel Festival of Paris is one of the largest Street Photography Festivals in Europe and will give you plenty of opportunity to meet with other passionate street photographers to exchange your knowledge and find new inspiration.

Thanks to David for the information that the Photofeel exhibitions don´t take place in Paris, but in Couthézon about 3 hours from Paris by train.

If you are interested in this festival, here´s the link with further informations.


Streetfoto Festival San Francisco 2018

The Streetfoto Festival San Francisco 2018 is one of the biggest street photography events of 2018 in the USA and takes place from 4-10 June 2018. After the success of 2017, where lecturers, workshop teachers, contest judges, and exhibitors brought life to the Street photography Festival, the Streetfoto Festival of 2018 promises to exheed last year’s expectations. In addition to the exhibitions the festival offers workshops where you can improve your own work and portfolio reviews in which a specialist will provide you with constructive criticism.

Famous street photographers like Bruce Gilden, Jesse Marlow and Aaron Berger will give interesting lectures on the art of street photography. Last but not least you will also have the opportunity to find the best scenes for shoots in San Fransisco during the offered Photowalks through the city.

More information on the streetfoto Festival can be found on


ASPA Awards 2018

The ALGHERO STREET PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, in short ASPA Awards, are held in the city of Alghero. Alghero is a city on Sardinia in the Mediterranean Sea. In this international contest the best photographs will be selected by a jury and pronounced on the 26 May 2018 at a Gala in the Civic Theatre of Alghero. The festival is organized by a non-profit cultural association and sponsored by well-known companies like Fujifilm.

If you wish to submit your photographs to the contest or are interested in visiting the awards show, here´s further information.


Gulf Photo Plus 2018

The Gulf Photo Plus 2018 takes place from 07-12 February 2018 in the Alserkal Avenue in Dubai. The festival offers workshops and seminars for beginners and advanced photographers, covering different themes like colour, retouching, etc. The biggest event during this festival is the SONY PhotoFriday with inspiring seminars and famous speakers.

For more information on the festival, vistit the Gulf Photo Plus 2018 website.


Opening of the new Photography museum in London

The Opening of the new Photography museum in London is scheduled for autumn 2018. The exact date will be given on the website (link below). The new museum will be run by a swedish gallery called Fotografiska that was created by the brothers Jan and Per Broman. The museum will be located in the Whitechapel Gallery, in the East End of London. If you cannot wait until autumn to see the new museum, you can visit the Swedish Museum of Photography in Stockholm, which is the big sister of London’s new museum.

If you are interested in the new Photography museum in London and want to find out more, visit the new website.

You can also follow the news on their facebook page

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  1. Hi Oliver

    Thanks for your wonderful and informative pages. Street photopgrahy and links.

    However the photofeel exhibitions take place in Couthézon which is between Orange and Avignon in France not Paris which is some way away by TGV…about 3 hours I think!

    I belong to a Meetup Street photography group called Sydney Street Photographers we have a close Facebook page as well as the Meetup site. If you have the time take a look. Sydney is one of the most diverse and nap irony cities for SP. when I was in Berlin 2 years ago I found it less inspiring but I was with a difficult friend and he doesn’t share my passion for street photography which dent help.

    If I come to Berlin again I would certainly look you up and mayo do so this June.

    Mfg David

    1. Thanky for the information David! I just clarified this. The group sounds interesting. Just tell me when you´re in Berlin in June and we can meet up. Cheers!

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