How do you react if somebody is angry because of a photo?

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Hi Oliver, how do you react if somebody is really angry regarding a photograph you made of him? I had a bad encounter in Rome a few days ago. I wore a mask, she wore a mask, but she yelled at me to not come so close or she will call the police. I am really worried now about doing Street Photography in these Covid times.

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Hi! Thanks for this interesting question. Nowadays due to the Covid pandemic Street Photography got a bit tricky. It is important to always wear a mask when you are out on the streets and take photos. So nobody feels disturbed about you coming a bit too close (please stick to the 1,50m distance) If somebody feels disturbed even though you wear a mask, just smile. Smile is a bit difficult these masked days, so try to smile with your eyes. If somebody asks you why you took their photo just delete it. No need to argue about one  single photograph these days. Just keep it up and keep going. Happy shooting mate!

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